Some kind of update (And Miitopia things)

It’s really been a while, hasn’t it? I wish I had a reason why or some kind of explanation to give, but I… don’t. I really don’t. The short version, is I haven’t felt up to playing much of anything or even doing much of anything and if I don’t have any motivation to do anything, I don’t really have anything to write about, do I?

But, I did promise to put up some pictures from Miitopia after what happened–if you don’t really watch my videos and just read here for the accompanying game log, the short version is my computer crashed shortly after finishing and over 3 hours footage got lost with only about 45 minutes I was able to salvage no matter what I did. I tried every single option I usually did, I tried new things, I STILL have the useless full files to keep trying, but when it comes down to it, I can’t find any way to save it and it sucks. I didn’t even take tons of screenshots because I figured I’d take more after only to lose everything.

And considering I played the whole first part of the game after the demo with rescuing the Princess’ face, I’m just… so frustrated and defeated. I haven’t even picked the game back up since. In fact, I haven’t really played much of anything.

The list of games where I have stuff I want to do and just haven’t been doing so has definitely gotten bigger:
-Splatoon 2 – Finish story mode
-Breath of the Wild – Finish Korok hunting. Still haven’t even tried the DLC despite having bought it.
-Fire Emblem Echoes – Still at the start of Chapter 3.
-Happy Home Designer – Still have houses to finish
-Disney Magical World 2 – Need to do all the parties for 100%
-Fire Emblem: Heroes – Haven’t played much at all since the first Tempest Trials. Characters I want and maps to do, but…
-Abyssrium – Struggling with their Anniversary event because the grind is ridiculous.
-Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles – Haven’t played since the first time. Still want to finish a lot of things.
-Star Stable Online – Want to catch up on the story mode.
-Miitopia – Want to finish the game.
-EverOasis – Want to finish the game.
-Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns – Want to get all towns to S rank and have a kid.
-Goetia – Want to finish the story.
-Lady Layton – Finish the story and all puzzles.

And that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more :/

Lately, the only thing I’ve been doing is a silly project for a set of mangas I have in French–I’ve been slowly translating them into English with the little French I know because:
A. I want to read them
B. There isn’t really a second reason

It’s been an… interesting project and it’s improved my French a lot, but I genuinely haven’t had been feeling up to doing anything else and even as I approach the end of that, I’m struggling to stay motivated for that too.

I do want to say thank you to all the positive messages I’ve gotten on Twitter,, facebook, and other places though. They’ve really been a nice ray of light for me and I don’t really have words t say how much it means a lot. All the birthday wishes last month were a huge surprise too.

I even hit 5,000 subscribers on Youtube which is pretty cool, though, also makes me feel worse I haven’t uploaded anything in about 2 weeks. And I don’t know when I will. It’s kind of hard to upload something when there isn’t anything to upload.

Literally the only things I’ve played recently are things my husband dragged me on for. And even then, I wasn’t really having fun. I was just playing because he forced me to. And even if I don’t talk or anything, I feel like it’s pretty easy to to tell if I am or not (I mean, just look at how Fates went by the end of it–I was so frustrated with that game).

But yes… back to Miitopia which is probably the main reason anyone is clicking this entry, these are some of the pictures I took which likely didn’t make it into the video:

I wish the gifts actually appeared in the room.

Also, these were likely in the video but I’m including them anyway:

I describe a lot of things like this.

Yes, I made myself the Princess. I am always the Princess in my world XP NOW IF THE PRINCESS WASN’T STUCK BEING BLONDE… ;~;

There was only one appropriate Prince option.

And then this is where we finished off:

I took like 50ish pictures total, but it really doesn’t make up for nearly 3 hours of lost footage :/

I’d like to say I hope to get another video up soon, but I genuinely don’t know. I haven’t even gotten my Mega Audino collection site updated and I have 4 things to add there as well… Along with a big update I want to do to the custom section.

I’m hoping to TRY and do that along with finish this translation project by Wednesday and if I have time, maybe force myself to play something (likely Miitopia). Why Wednesday? Because Thursday, unless something changes at the last second, we’ll (my husband and I) likely be flying to Disneyland to meet up with some friends and things. Oh, and Pokemon Worlds is happening but knowing me, it’s less for that. Unless there’s Mega Audino being amazing again, but my hopes are low. On the bright side, maybe we’ll actually be able to take a look this year. If we feel like it.

We’ll see though. This is mainly just to say “hey, I’m alive even if I don’t feel like I’m doing anything worthwhile” with some Miitopia photos as promised and stuff… but hopefully I’ll have more to say soon…