Pocket Camp Rambles & Other random games

Before I get into the below, I know there were some site issues recently due to a vulnerability with an old plugin. Everything has been fixed and there should be no more issues.

It’s been a while since my last Pocket Camp update, partially because I’m still so annoyed with it. With a game like Animal Crossing, part of the charm is its relaxing nature which just… doesn’t work with Pocket Camp when they’re constantly rolling out updates and locking features behind paywalls. I think if this was any other game besides Animal Crossing, I wouldn’t still be playing. But I love Animal Crossing and keep hoping something will change even if it’s clear it won’t.

And I can’t say this is the only game that has been causing this problem recently. Anyone who follows my MCL tumblr essentially knows what I mean as I’ve been going on with it for over a month after they essentially gave 3/5 routes of an Otome game bad endings paired with a forced break-up and just such bad writing it’s kind of disgusting. I’m not going to go into this more here because I’ve ranted enough and there’s pages of it if you’re curious, but nobody is happy and who knows if they’ll fix the stupid choices they did with that either.

In between my Pocket Camp suffering playing, I’ve also been playing a few other random things, most notably some of the Hogwarts Mystery mobile game, but also getting back to Star Stable Online as they had increased the amount of reputation you got per quest and I am actually curious where the story goes. I still hate the whole needing to invite someone who will get to level 15 for some special items though… I can’t find anyone who wants to :(

As for the Hogwarts Mystery game, I wouldn’t really call myself a Harry Potter fan, but I’m curious about the story and while I hate the gameplay, I keep checking in anyway.

Pokemon GO also got a big update recently (YES, I’m still playing it. Take your hate elsewhere XP) and I’m so happy trading is in… Except that the requirements to trade are ridiculous. There is no reason there should be so much stardust required and so many restrictions, especially when people will mainly be trading to complete their Pokedex anyway. It’s just really disappointing the way they decided to do this–especially considering it’s a feature people have really wanted for ages.

Anyway, back over to Pocket Camp, as usual, there’s been too many events. And the fortune cookies make me cry. But lets go ahead and break this down:

For one, I finished Katie’s Gardening Event.

And Digby also had a Gardening Event that I finished:

While the Gardening Events are cute, I still find them exhausting to actually play :/ If it wasn’t for all the waiting around and you could put as much time into it as you wanted when you wanted, it wouldn’t be so bad, but as is, it’s too dependent on too many variables. Regardless, a few from photos from the recent gardening event:

With a lot of the new content though, I’m slowly starting to find a look for my Camp I really like though:

The only thing is I wish we could mix and match with some of the exterior stuff. There’s so much I’d like to use, but not all of it… I like the normal flowers, but I like the flowers in the grass of the Spring flowers plus the cherry blossom tree, I also love the rivers from the Birches… But yeah, it’d be nice if it could look like this:

Also if I could have the wood under the entire campsite.

Anyway, still a good amount of pictures to go so…

The first three Fortune Cookies left recently and when they just had hours left, I ended up trying again for the Grand Prize item. Like with Hopkins’ Fortune Cookie, miracles occurred and I somehow got all the Fortune Cookie Grand Prizes from them.

I hope I get lucky with Stitches’ and Lily’s fortune cookies in similar ways as I still need quite a bit from them including the Grand Prize. Meanwhile, I used all of my savings for Whitney’s and actually got the grand prize in my second one and nearly got all the other items as well. I’m just missing the dress.

It was pretty cute and I hope I get the dress soon. I love the items from this one so much.

With the recent updates, two new essence types came out which brought new amenities and new villagers–Modern and Historical.

I’m now up to 99 Hosted Villagers:

And I have the Amenities mostly built–I still need to get the Clock Tower fully leveled up.

With Villagers supposedly being able to hit level 25 in a big upcoming update, I’m wondering if there will be a new Amenity for every Essence type… It’s going to be super annoying dealing with just one slot then.

There was also the second fishing tourney through all this and I have nothing to say beyond that I love the Pearl Chairs:

A third tourney starts tomorrow and I have just enough Leaf Tickets for the Golden Fishing Rod… The Sea Turtle Cushion is super cute, but I’m still tired of events.

Also a Gyroid event for more Bridal-themed stuff, but I really only liked one furniture item…

I also hate how they keep locking some event crafting items behind Leaf Tickets… It’s really awful :/