A Year in Review. Or something like that. & Most Anticipated 2019 Games

I don’t usually write posts like this, usually feeling my activity kind of speaks for itself, but this year, unless you follow my MCL/Beemoov game blog, I haven’t done much of anything.

There’s a lot of reasons for this. For one, we’re in the process of moving so everything is being packed up and moved around. The other is that it had been a very rough year and I’m still recovering from it.

And trust me when I say nobody is more disappointed by the lack of things completed than I am. As someone who usually finishes a game within about a week tops unless it’s something more real-time focused like Animal Crossing, having some games still incomplete (Such as Let’s Go Pikachu which I have not played since getting the Cascade Badge and Miitopia is years old at this point. Ultra Moon is over a year as well).

I’ve already spoken a bit about Ultra Moon and part of why there’s been such a pause (And losing the footage of the climax of the game sure didn’t help), but in general, it comes down to: Lack of time combined with needing something a bit more light-hearted/that I can just enjoy and relax in. Similarly, the reason I’ve played a lot of Visual Novels lately is reading helps me relax, I don’t have access to many books on hand, and I need something simple right now due to stressing too much.

I’ve mentioned before how I feel like I’m slowly no longer having a place in gaming and while part of it is due to my own busy schedule, a large part of it is due to games being focused on an audience that not only have I never been apart of, it’s one I don’t wish to join.

I have nothing against those who do enjoy it, but it’s not why I started playing games and it’s a bit disheartening for me. Such as Super Smash Brothers that ended up removing my favorite feature, trophies, in lieu of spirits that have various skills you can give your character. I’d still prefer trophies. I don’t care about figuring out the best spirits for my play style and character. In the end, we mostly got it as my husband would still play with friends and I wanted to check out the story mode. Which sadly was also disappointing to me. It’s not bad and it has interesting moments and cute Easter Eggs, but it feels more like a challenge mode and I never cared for those. At least we can always use any character we have unlocked so far (just… Hope you have one you’re good with unlocked already), but as I mentioned before, I find most people who really enjoy some of those super hard challenges do for the challenge themselves and so it sucks if there’s a Spirit someone may really want and just… keep failing. Some challenges I kept working towards for over an hour. While I am proud for having every part of the map we’ve done 100%’d so far, it’s not really what I’m playing for and it doesn’t give me that sense of achievement. Maybe because I’m a perfectionist, but if I failed once, it doesn’t matter if I get it eventually–I already feel like a failure.

That’s definitely not the best way to think of things, but I think it’s part of why the whole “It’s not the end result, but the journey you take to get there” thing doesn’t work for me. I’m not against hard work, but no matter how hard I work, I just don’t feel good enough if I didn’t finish already.

And that’s also part of why there’s a lot of things on the back-burner right now. For one reason or another, I had to stop and I’m the type of person who really has a hard time picking something back up once I put it down which is why I never really put things down usually.

I’d like to hope this year, maybe I can get a lot of those games and other projects of mine that are in progress done. Maybe also further some other things important to me, like learning languages and maybe getting the chance to travel more again soon. I think in general I just desperately need a change of scenery.

I’m still inching closer to getting some things done, so it may be a slow progress, but it’s some kind of progress nonetheless and I’m thankful most people have been patient with me as I slowly get each part up. I really should learn to record in advance and properly schedule things, but I’ve never been good with schedules (Mostly because my life is insane and things can change at the drop of a hat).

Finally, to make this a little less solemn, I want to talk about the games I am looking forward to most in 2019:

1. Animal Crossing

While I am still pretty burnt out from Pocket Camp, I am hoping once we see official footage for the upcoming Animal Crossing game, it could help re-ignite my flame. Animal Crossing is a very complicated series for me that holds a lot of memories between playing with family to meeting a lot of close friends to also a bit more painful memories that I don’t want to go into.

One of the things that will be nice is getting to talk to many of those people again. The other thing is worrying that the same thing that ruined another game for me could happen in a combination of some personal matters and the burn out.

I think there’s a lot of promise for the game. I think there’s a lot they could do right. But I will admit, especially with the constant stream of events in Pocket Camp and some of the patches is recent Nintendo games (Such as Mario Tennis Aces and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) that they could end up just making it a little too much.

There are ways to do it, of course, and Animal Crossing is a real time game. It doesn’t need all of these bricked walls. I always had mixed feelings on the way monthly items were given, but I am absolutely terrified of the idea that they may just put in weekly to bi-weekly events with new items and bonus objectives and I get that it’s there to give people things to do and reason to check back, but it just stresses me out. I feel anxious all the time worrying I’ll miss something if I’m not constantly checking in and that isn’t fun. That isn’t fun in the slightest.

Animal Crossing has so many events and things already that it really doesn’t need constant extra content added–especially not any time soon. I’d also rather them work on it to be the best it could be before releasing, even if that means the game could be pushed back, rather than getting a big expansion down the line.

I feel pushing things before they’re ready has become a trend recently and it really needs to stop. I get really wanting a game to come out. I get being excited for a fandom. But I feel there’s such a large amount of impatience and entitlement nowadays about when something should and why they don’t have it yet (and it’s been like… so much worse in the AC fandom with how much it’s grown since New Leaf) and it’s not fun to see. And I feel that is part of what contributes to rushing products out and the added content later.

2. Ooblets

I’ve been following Ooblets for ages now between the Discord, Patreon, their shortly lived mailing list that may make a comeback, and really every bit of their social media.

It’s a combination of so many of my favorite games in a super adorable art style–there really isn’t anything not to like. Also, Perplamps and NonPlayerCat are really sweet.

Regardless, just everything about Ooblets makes it hard not to be excited and I’m looking forward to something to put a lot of time into without constantly worrying I’m running out of time.

3. The New Pokemon Project.

Despite my mixed feelings on Pokemon right now, Pokemon has a very big place in my heart and nothing can change that. I know it’ll likely have some new battle mechanics I don’t care for and even more Pokemon and things so I’ll just keep my hopes simple: Better customization and better catch mechanics.

ORAS still had some of the best catching mechanics to me and I’d really prefer to go back to that over Gen 7’s gimmick. Also I never want to see motion controlled catching again (paired with needing to catch so many of the exact same Pokemon to boost chances of certain ones spawning and other things) which is easily the biggest reason I’ve had trouble playing more of Let’s GO. I knew some Pokemon would be rare, but I didn’t think they’d be that low of a chance. I can’t stand seeing more than the amount of Pokemon I need when they look the same (So, as an example: I would never want more than 3 Geodude and only if I didn’t have Graveler or Golem yet. Another example would be no more than four Pikachu–three male and three female, and again, only if I didn’t have any Raichu yet. The two extra Raichu would be to trade for Alolan Raichu–one of each gender). I can’t really explain why, but it really bothers me organizational-wise and that’s part of why I struggle.

I tend to be very possessive with my Pokeballs incase something rare I need DOES show up so needing to swing over and over again at the same Pokemon to even get some to show up stresses me out. And as much as I hate battling, I will take it over catching the same Pokemon over and over that I don’t even need (this is why I don’t do breeding outside of Pokemon you can’t get otherwise).

4. Jenny LeClue

There still isn’t a full release date so it’s possible it could be pushed back further, but I love mysteries and have been following this for a while and even have it prordered soooo….

5. Arcade Spirits

This is a visual novel game I played the demo of recently and actually really enjoyed for a multitude of reasons to the aesthetics, writing, and interesting customization. While I don’t record everything, I actually played around with a lot of the choices even after finishing my recording.

I’m really looking forward to the full release in February.

6. Mineko’s Night Market

I get to solve mysteries, run a cute store, and make friends with cats. How could I not look forward to this?

Anyway, that sums it up for the most part. Hopefully I can finish more of my backlog before things start dropping at least and hopefully this year will be better than the last.