Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Trailer!

I was pretty excited to see the trailer for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley that was put up recently!

I have mixed feelings about how… cube-ish the game looks (A lot of people have said similar to Minecraft, but as I’ve never played Minecraft I don’t really want to say that). The customization looks really nice though and I hope that customization will also be applied to the farmers.

I didn’t find any of the, what seemed to be anyway, bachelors interesting though, but I feel I’ll hold off until I see more of them.

On a sidenote, I’m semi-hoping since Natsume is developing the game, maybe Animal Lifespans will be removed. It’s a feature I’ve really hated within each new game and really ruined a lot of the replayability for me so I’d love to see that gone.

(Also, the Narrator in the trailer is quite repetitive. Regardless, still very excited and looking forward to buying it! And forever jealous of those who got to go to E3 and get Natsume’s cute plushies T~T)

Edit: LOOK AT THIS TWEET. Or if you don’t want to click links: LOOK BELOW.
yeeeeeeeeeeees. So incredibly excited about this!

For those wondering, I mostly played Console Harvest Moon’s (My first Handheld was Sunshine Islands which I wasn’t too fond of, but I did enjoy ANB!)–HM64 was my first and my favorite (With ANB coming in a close second–I think if it wasn’t for my few issues (Biggest being my animals–especially as it had my all-time favorite Bachelor–and the weird point limit on customization (I STILL HAVE ROOM, GAME T~T). If neither of those issues existed, I would’ve easily been playing the game just as long–I still need to get my child walking around but it’s a…very thin line. Kind of feel like playing now though). I loved the graphics a lot. Popuri is still my Best Friend, and it was just special to me. The horse plushie was cute, I loved all the special items you can unlock, the photo album was beautiful. I could go on about that game forever and I’m not ashamed to admit it :P Heck, I wish I had my N64 still up, I’d go play it right now.

But yes, moving on, that feature has just always been such a detriment for my enjoyment. I mean, I get it in a way. It makes it more challenging having to “start over” because an Animal may not give something anymore or may pass away, but you have this family who lasts (with the exception of A Wonderful Life), these pets that last, this Horse that stays with you, and all this other stuff and just I like having my cute little best cow friend forever.

So many games are all about becoming realistic as possible–“look how high gen these graphics are! I CAN SEE THE SWEAT ON HIS HEAD”, but when there’s so much sadness and things, sometimes it’s nice that I can just load up a game, sit in a barn with my Animals, and know everything will be fine.