Returning to Happy Home Designer!

So, it’s been a long time since my last entry and recording of Happy Home Designer (in fact, even longer than I realized), but with the recent announcement of New Horizons earlier this month, I’ve been really wanting to play something Animal Crossing-esque and this was at the top of my list (I would’ve likely done Dream Suites otherwise, but the Welcome Amiibo update kind of killed my dream suite list :( ).

I’m still a bit nervous about making houses due to the fact that I’ve gotten some repetitive themes paired with the lack of new items most of the time to really get an idea of what a villager wants, but I still want to make a house for every single villager and NPC (I collected all of the Amiibo cards for a reason…) so fingers crossed I can do them justice.

Hamphrey – A smoked-foods showcase:

Rating Address: 0270-7799-059

Klaus – An ancient bathhouse.

Rating Address: 0470-7799-009

Shep – A life on the streets.

Rating Address: 0277-7799-949

Hamlet – A soccer arena.

Rating Address: 0977-7799-029