Professor Layton and the Daily Puzzle

I don’t know how many people do all the Daily Puzzles, but I always try to! However, I often like to let them build up and then do them in large bundles. I feel it’s a good way to get my puzzle fix and lessen checking everyday.

Of course, this game decided to make it so I can’t do that–at least not for a while. The game has various achievements… the last several being for “doing a puzzle daily” for a certain amount of days in a row–the last one being 50.

I’m up to 17 now… I’ve messed up twice and finally made it so I get annoying email reminders to make sure I do a puzzle a day.

I think what makes it harder is it uses the same format from Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask with there only being about 20 different puzzle types and the difficulty just varies… which really sucks. It’s okay for a few, but I have no interest in doing these same puzzles everytime nor do I find most of them very fun. I miss the more random puzzles of the previous games–though, I do love the little incentives in this game (the Diorama) and the last (The cute little room).

But yes, with my puzzle done for today, it’s just the wait for tomorrow and hopes that I will manage to complete the puzzle streak needed. I have everything else done in the game afterall!