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New Horizons Plans 3.5? Or just random excitement I suppose.

Because if there wasn’t enough from the PAX Videos, there was even more extra footage revealed the following week of direct feed some people were able to get. I spent all day looking through videos and while most of them had a tendency to show the museum over and over (I love the museum too guys, but…), the biggest highlight for me was seeing some new furniture and especially, a lot of new clothing.

Being completely honest, Animal Crossing (before Pocket Camp) was always a mixed bag for me with clothing. There was never anything I SUPER liked– my favorite top/dress was changed from pink to blue when in City Folk:

(Credit for CF Princess Top)

And I never really managed to find a replacement. The dress I liked best after that were the Fluffy Dress and the The Pink Lace-up dress (though, I found it a bit bright). The Ballet Outfit was also kind of nice, but I preferred dresses with sleeves. Maybe a sleeved one will exist through New Horizons. The Kiki and Lala and My Melody dresses that were introduced in the Welcome Amiibo update were also really cute at least. I probably would’ve used the My Melody one if it was a bit of a more pale pink (or the Kiki and Lala dress if it had long sleeves) and I wasn’t already attached to the pattern dress I was using.

I’m also really hoping we could see a pink variant of it (and maybe the Princess set in general) considering all the different colors in this game. That said, some items seem to have 3 or less recolors, if any, and I’m not sure if some items just don’t have multiple colors or if not all colors always show up in Able Sister’s and just what recolors they have in stock that day. I guess we’ll see at least. I’m also curious if you need to buy every color for the catalog or if only the “original/main” color will show up…

I feel silly getting so hyper-observant and focused on the clothing of all things considering I have no idea when I’d even be unlocking Able Sisters, but with clothing like this how can I resist? (And heck, this isn’t even everything I’ve liked…)

Video credits: 1, 2

I’m pretty sure the top left one is New Horizon’s version of the Pink Lace-up dress and not only does it look amazing in general (plus it’s a more pastel pink), it has my two favorite sleeve types together– Poofy Princess Shoulders and bell sleeves. At the moment, I feel like that may be my main dress, but it’s hard to say as SO MANY of those are just… really great? When they first mentioned the Star Wand to quick-change outfits, I kind of shrugged it off as I don’t usually change my outfit anyway as there’s not many I like, but I may have to actually consider it this time. These weren’t even everything I saw that I liked– just a few highlights.

Heck, even the wigs are cute:

(Video Credit)

While I generally don’t prefer wigs as I can’t wear a cute hat with them, I would make an exception for that. Especially a ponytail version (but I’d still prefer an actual hairstyle):

Disclaimer: This is an edit!! It should be obvious as my edit skills are poor, but just incase…

I really hope there will be a wavy/curly/ringlet-y ponytail sooo badly :( Or maybe one can be added at least… I feel like there could still be a handful of hairstyles we haven’t seen yet as there’s still ones like this one we really haven’t seen outside of a single short video:

(From one of the videos in the crafting section on the official site)

The closest otherwise is a short ponytail with sideswept bangs or the bun with the long wavy side bangs. There’s also a lot of hairstyles introduced through Pocket Camp that we haven’t seen and I feel have a good chance of coming over. Pocket Camp has SO MANY unique items and it’d be a shame if they are kept solely to that game as they could open up all kinds of opportunities in this one just like Happy Home Designer. Still really hoping we’ll see ceiling items.

Anyway, besides my failure at deciding what the heck my character’s “main” outfit will be and hairstyle woes, I’ve also been struggling on a Town Tune and if I should still use the same as I did in my original Pink Sea town:

There’s 7 themes in that video including the one I used for New Leaf. I’m also tempted to try and see if I can make a town tune from part of SHE’S by Letter from one of the recent Japanese commercials for the game as it’s an absolutely beautiful song and I think it could work really well.

But yes, feel free to vote for what you think!:

What should my town tune be?

  • Town Tune #1 (33%, 2 Votes)
  • Town Tune #3 (17%, 1 Votes)
  • Town Tune #5 (17%, 1 Votes)
  • Town Tune #6 (17%, 1 Votes)
  • Try and do SHE'S by Letter! (17%, 1 Votes)
  • Town Tune #2 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Town Tune #4 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Town Tune #7 (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 6

Loading ... Loading ...

It’s crazy to think we’re less than 2 weeks out now. I can’t wait to finally play :) I just wish knowing the fruit stamp would show up on my ID card wasn’t making me reconsider my no-resets policy… 💔 (Sorry Resetti T__T)

I hope I at least get a nice spot for Dodo Airlines… And I really hope there will be more bridges and ramp styles than we’ve seen (and maybe even a customization for Town Hall and the Airport like New Leaf had for Town Hall and the Train Station) as I didn’t super like any, but I’ll probably be using the Stone, Brick, or white fence ramps depending on where I’m putting it and probably stone bridges otherwise.

On a side note, and one of the other reasons I’m really excited, is after my general aesthetic of cute things, teddy bears and plushies, animals, pink frilly things, waterfalls/fountains, and pink + ocean colors together, I absolutely love travel motifs. My dream has always been to travel the world so things like… old passports filled with stamps and even just the idea of traveling hype me up so much. It’s part of why I absolutely adore the Plane Ticket from one of the France pre-orders and the Press Kit given out by Nintendo France. The “suitcase” is beautiful and the bottle of sand?? Amazing. I have a small collection of sand bottles and just, there’s so many little details. As much as I am looking forward to bringing Pink Sea to such a new level with the terraforming option (WATERFALLS EVERYWHERE PEOPLE!!! …I promise I’ll use my new powers in moderation), I really hope to find a way to bring that travel motif into the Island as well. At the very least, I’m definitely completing all the Nook Miles to get all those stamps and it’s one of my favorite parts about them.

Edit as of March 12th: With with one of the recent new trailers, I just need to scream once again about Waterfalls because LOOK AT THESE!!!:

These look absolutely amazing. We get an idea of how close ramps can be (maybe even closer??), my double decker waterfall idea is pretty likely, I could do a combination of tall, short, tiny, and double waterfalls… There’s so much I’m hoping to do. I sure hope I can do it.


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