Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 8

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With a new day comes the opening of the new Resident Services building!

One thing that was really nice is I wasn’t penalized for not being able to access the Nook Stop yesterday.

I had saved up a lot of Nook Miles so I immediately made a very important purchase.

I kind of hope they may consider letting us get even more inventory space someday… I like to have all my tools on me at all times which can be inconvenient as they take up an entire row X-x

I also made sure to pay off my loan. I was sad to be behind a day, but glad to still make progress.

I then got my next big goal.

I will admit while I do like K.K. in general as a character, I only like a couple of his songs so I kind of wish there was an option between “Big fan” and “Never heard of him” as neither really worked for me. Regardless, my first goal was to set up the camp site so I went ahead and placed it in the back left.

I also spoke to Alfonso about moving his house as I really wanted all the Villager houses to be to the right of Resident Services.

I then immediately spoke to Isabelle to set up a Town Tune and flag for now. The Town Tune I used in my New Leaf town won the vote so I used it again while a new flag won the flag vote.

We also celebrated the Resident Services upgrade.

And I even started on building a bridge.

Despite all the Nook Miles I saved, I wasn’t able to get the all the new DIY Recipes and Nook Miles items, but I did at least manage to get all of my top favorites.

And I redid my flag from an old design I had saved.

I also visited a friend’s town and it was really inspiring.

I then stopped by my husband’s town to drop some stuff off.

And then also visited Theo! He was nice enough to give me some flowers too and a cute dress T~T

Speaking of cute dresses, I bought some new really nice ones and even played around with patterns.

I also continued to do work on my house, but I’m still not really satisfied with it.

And finally, I learned a new reaction– Bashfulness: