Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 10

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Today was quite the packed day, but it made it a lot of fun too. My house slowly continued to shape up.

We got our first camper: Phil. Having my mind already set on villagers, I was a bit bummed that I knew I had to invite him.

But on a brighter note, Mable asked to set up a store right on the island!

I ended up placing it to the left of Resident Services for now.

I also ended up finding a lost item. It belonged to Teddy.

And while visiting a friend’s island in the Southern Hemisphere, I caught a Betta!

Even if I knew Phil wouldn’t be staying permanently, I still tried to place his house somewhere nice.

With this done though, this would be my last “forced” villager which meant I was free to Villager Hunt for some of my Dream Villagers. While it’s true I could’ve done so earlier when doing the initial three house plots for Tom Nook, I’m actually glad I didn’t as then the houses would be stuck with the preset ones over their actual unique houses. I still feel bad for Mira and Teddy…

After placing down a house, it was off to the Nook Miles Islands.

  • Island 1 – Gonzo, Wooden-full length Mirror DIY from Candi
  • Island 2 – Merengue!!

I quickly rushed back to Pink Sea to make sure everything was set and then put down another plot to continue the Villager search again soon.

But with the hunt successful for the day, I decided to work a little more around Town first.

Our bridge was completed!

I also immediately paid off the next bridge I made.

I did end up going back to islands, but with two villagers already in “pending moving” (Phil and Merengue), I couldn’t find another just yet. I did still do a couple more islands just for fun though to gather some resources.

And with that, it was another day complete!