Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 58

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So, I had been planning to do island hunting today, but in perfect timing, Diana announced she wanted to move yesterday which meant she would be in boxes today so I quickly high-tailed it over there.

I did check my mail quickly first though. For once, it was rather empty, but I did have a very sweet letter from Merengue.

I also couldn’t resist double-checking the Zen Garden and the rock finally placed!! I may redo the order though…

Once I got back, I quickly headed to make sure the plot was properly sold. I can’t help but be paranoid at this point.

Most of my time playing today, I actually spent it at Meg’s doing ~*EXTREME FLOWER CRAFTING*~. I managed to make nearly every single wreath and crown which was really nice.

She had tiaras for sale at her Able Sister’s so I took the time to buy some for my villagers too.

Sadly, I accidentally gave Cookie the wrong hat as Flurry had given me a hat as a thank you and I mixed them up… so I mailed it off to her instead.

Regardless, I also set up Diana’s yard. I’m more or less happy with it, but may switch the Purple Rose on the table to something else for more contast, but I do kind of like it so we’ll see.

Now to just hope it all works out.