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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 62, 63, & 64

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As mentioned for Day 61, I’m combining the next few entries as there just isn’t much going on and there’s more I wanted to expand on in the sense of not feeling like there’s much to do. Because in a way, there really isn’t that much different between New Leaf and New Horizons.

The two big things that stand out to me are how villager requests worked and the tool durability. After that, I would say reactions, but I’ll expand on that after.

Not being able to ask a Villager directly for a request or if they want to do anything sucks and things out a big amount of what you COULD do during the day. It’s nice being able to give gifts directly, but that shouldn’t have replaced asking if they needed anything (or heck, even flat out wanted to do something or play a game).

I also have always had trouble doing a lot of bug/fish catching when I already caught everything I could donate that was available right now, but I still would sometimes just go around catching for something to do and for my badges.

I should be catching what I can to work towards my Nook Miles, but due to the fact that tools break, my low motivation is essentially 0. Constantly remaking tools isn’t fun and the way my town is set up, I won’t even be able to get tree branches easily and I don’t exactly have infinite bells when there’s so many variations of items I need to buy and refuse to do turnips again.

Even the making a lot of tools Nook Miles thing will be a pain :/ I’ve mentioned before that I feel like this may be the first AC where I don’t finish the catalog and I fear that could extent to other goals as well. I’m trying my best, but it just feels like such a struggle this time around between the lack of quality life features, new prices, and certain game mechanics.

Not to mention the Bulletin board and it not being used much for upcoming things either… The Stamp Rally wasn’t even announced to be soon on it :/

Moving on, let’s get to Day 62. I finally remembered to go to Harv’s island so I could get Diana’s poster for my wall.

I also gave Diana a lolita dress.

I added a couple more things to the Zen area. I think the Gong and Bonsai Shelf look really nice.

After this, Meg came over for a while to help me place all the flowers that arrived yesterday. It was nice to make so much progress.

Later that evening, Flurry was worried about her catchphrase, but I told her it was fine. I had Mira ask me the next day too and I really wish they would never ask again once you say no :(

Finally, Cookie taught me a new reaction: Curiosity.

And someone was kind enough to give me the rest of the Windflowers I needed so now I just have Lilies, Hyacinths (so many hyacinths…), and Roses left to go:
Pink Lily: 26
Pink Hyacinth: 135
Pink Rose: 21


As for Day 63, it started off with doing my usual dailies (and once again finding fossils in my garden…) and me giving Diana a tiara.

I ended up having Chip today for my visitor which was bittersweet.

I do have some fish models I want, but I actually only have two left where I have all three fish already (I need one more Sea Butterfly, Cherry Salmon, and Goldfish for the others I’d like to get… And probably also 3 Betta) and to be honest, I don’t really have anywhere to put them. I have no real plans for them at all, they’re just fish I like.

Obviously, I’d want to see Redd and Gulliver the most, but I do need some bug models for the grove and have spaces set up for them so it’d be nice if Flick would show up again for that, but my luck is just awful with this.

Regardless, I carried on and literally did only one other thing for the moment: Got Marina some medicine as she was sick.

Later in the evening, I got back on to go to a friend’s town to see Celeste… only to run straight into her in my own town while making my way to the airport.

Sadly, still no Gemini recipe yet, but hopefully someone I know will get her tomorrow so I finally can.


Now, for Day 64. Once again, no Redd, I haven’t actually found out who I have today, but Filia had Redd so I headed over to his town for detective-ing. Unfortunately, the only real painting was the Serene Painting which I already have :( Getting back to my own island, I noticed Saharah in the distance. Even though I know she’s guaranteed one day a week, that doesn’t exactly make me feel less disappointed.

Thankfully, I did get some new art (and even more flowers) today thanks to some trades, but an additional surprise was Sami had Redd in one of her towns today including a real Moving Painting which I still needed so I quickly high-tailed over there. I at least hope I’m right that it’s real, but if so, then I only have 12 pieces of art left to go!

Upon getting back, I ended up finding a lost item. I recently learned about the investigate thing which is pretty neat except for one little problem… The dialogue for “investigating” is determined based off the personality of a villager you have. If you have more than one of the same personality type (which, if you have 10 villagers, you will have at least one multiple times). I have 2 Snooty and 4 Normal right now. And this planner belonged to a Snooty.

So, I had a 50-50 chance between Judy and Diana. In the end, I went with Judy as you can’t get the somewhat informative investigative dialogue unless you hit a certain tier of friendship and Judy has been in town longer so it was more likely to be Judy’s since I was able to accurately get a description. And thankfully, I was right.

I continue to give Mira things to unlock her Super hero totally not Sailor-Moon-inspired origins.

Judy then asked me about her catchphrase and while I’m tempted to actually add spaces and/or commas, I do like it for the most part so I told her to leave it alone.

Flurry and Merengue also asked me about their catchphrase AGAIN today and Judy, despite asking this morning, asked again that night as well.

The big thing to happen today was a combination of generous people and trading to work on my museum areas and get the flowers I need.

I only have about 15 Pink Hyacinths to go and then it’s just whatever I may want to use in Maple’s and Peanut’s yards whenever I finally get them. I might need to get a Purple Hyacinth for Peanut’s…

Meanwhile, Teddy gave me shirt, but I actually thought it would look nice on him so I gave it back to him and I did not expect him to realize. Then, when I spoke to him again, he asked me to return something to Flurry that she left at his house. At least he wasn’t upset.

Flurry asked me to guess what it was and if I figured it out, I’d get to keep it. I picked furniture as I’m more focused on that than clothing, but unfortunately, it was clothing so I lost.

On the downside of today, it seemed my issue with Celeste lately may actually be some kind of bug– since getting the rest of the Space DIYs from her, I haven’t gotten any new ones even as the new zodiac season hit. She just gave me zodiac fragments. Apparently she will give the zodiac of the season based off the host’s island’s date so maybe I could’ve noticed sooner if I realized that when visiting friends who are not on the current date, but I just feel really frustrated.

I’m a huge completionist and perfectionist and am suffering enough on the reactions thing without somehow no longer being able to get any new zodiac recipes from Celeste when I’m still missing most of them. A friend was nice enough to get the recipe on a side character so I at least have it, but I worry for future months and it’s still really disheartening.

On the bright side, thanks to a very kind person, I finally got the two Pagodas I’ve wanted for so long which essentially finishes up the biggest things for my island’s “look”. I still have two villagers I need to get (unfortunately, it is very unlikely I’ll get Peanut and/or Maple before their birthdays) and I still want to figure out yards and do a few adjustments, but for the big areas, it’s set. Even the flowers I still need are areas that most people won’t even really notice.

The nice person also said some really sweet things about my island and honestly, I’ve had compliments from like… nearly every person who dropped stuff off or came over for trading and it was really nice. In all honesty, I don’t know what people find nice about it. I don’t think the flyover is impressive and generally I just feel kind of confused, but it at least makes me feel like what I wanted to portray did come out properly even if it doesn’t feel like that to me.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for friends and surprisingly generous strangers, I’d be having a hard time keeping any motivation so thank you so much for your help. I’ve been doing my best to keep track of friends’ wishlists and wants and things to try and send them stuff each day, but my focus is all over the place. I think I genuinely need some time to destress for a bit. I don’t want to lose my Nook Miles streak though :(

With the exterior pretty much complete, I hope I can finally focus on my house now. If I don’t take a breather first for a while.

The final thing I ended up doing was the Stamp Rally again today. I’ve wanted to try and see each stamp area and comment once, but I’ve had horrible luck with it and have gotten certain ones again every single day so far. I know there’s not tons of different ones, but I’m so tired of getting the same ones over and over :( There’s enough repetition with the event.


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