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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 65-74

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I decided to bundle up the rest of May as honestly, I’m just not doing too much right now. June I have the Mosquito to catch though plus I believe the first Bug Tourney and the Wedding Event! So that should have more to talk about.

Day 65

My main goal was just to try and see all the different stamp areas during the Museum Stamp Rally.

As mentioned, I just… was not fond of only being able to get three so I appreciated seeing another new one today.

Phil taught me a new reaction.

And I managed to get a handful of new items and recipes for areas of my town.

Filia had Redd in his town again so I went over to stop by. He also ended up having Marcie move in who was one of my New Leaf villagers and is one of my favorites even if she isn’t part of the top 8. I couldn’t help saying Hi and Redd ended up having the real Informative Statue which was one of the ones I needed!

My main goals right now are working for recipes so it’s been… a lot of trading, but also visiting Catalog Towns.

Unfortunately, I learned that Frozen Recipes aren’t actually given out through cards the hard way v__v I just hope I’ll be able to build Snowboy in my town.

In the meantime, I remembered to show Celeste a Gemini fragment:

I still wasn’t having much luck recipe-wise from her though…

Day 66

I stopped by Filia’s town again as he had Celeste and Shooting Stars and it was Fall. To my surprise, I actually got the Zodiac recipe this time!

I also did a few more trades to finish up the Art wing of my museum.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I really love how they set it up so you could learn about each work of art.

Even though I have the museum set, I’m still going to be buying paintings from Redd. Besides to help friends, some I think could be nice in my house plus I still need to catalog a bunch of the fake ones.

Since it’s Saturday, K.K. Slider was also here again. It was nice seeing Merengue and Diana watching too. I feel like he rarely gets a crowd lately…

I also got a few mushrooms to make this Stump for the Grove and Camp areas.

Day 67

It hadn’t fully rolled over to 5AM quite yet, but it was technically the 24th and I had visited a friend’s town and celebrated Deli’s birthday.

As for my own town, the only big thing that happened was we had a new Camper. I really wish I could let friends pick up campers.

The only other thing I really did was go to a Catalog party. I had most of the items there already, but I got to catalog the whole Ring set which was new and we even got a lovely Gold Rose crown as a gift!

Day 68

Isabelle finally announced that we’d have a meteor shower! I’ve only had one prior, but with no announcement so this was a nice surprise.

Cookie taught me a new reaction: Sleepy.

I also tried my luck again with Celeste, but still failed. At least I know she can give Large Star Fragments as an option too?

Meanwhile, Flick finally shows up after weeks. I had decided just to buy the models I needed because I was tired of waiting for him to show up and I really wanted to just place them, so this was frustrating.

Thankfully, I did finally get the last fossil stamp.

And when the shooting stars finally hit, Celeste was here!

Day 69

I have nothing against Leif, but I was a bit bummed to see him here.

It was recently discovered that nobody else can show up during the day on weekends besides K.K. Slider and Daisy Mae (You could still get Celeste or Wisp later though). You shouldn’t get anyone more than once a week and 3 of those week days are set– you’ll get Saharah, Kicks, and Leif each week no matter what. I already have everything from Saharah and Leif and eventually will from Kicks too and just, I don’t need any of them being set which leaves me only two days to see Gulliver, Redd, or C.J. (as I still have some fish models I want and would love to clear storage) and no guarantee on either of them or Wisp (which due to his set times, I can’t even guarantee I’ll see him as I don’t always play at night and the island is so big, it’s easy to miss him).

Ignoring Cataloging needs, these are my current numbers this far in:
Wisp: 11
Gulliver: 9
K.K.: 10
Buying art from Redd: 16
Celebrating Villager Birthdays: 9

Most of the numbers need 20-30 and it’s just… random. There’s only so much you can do yourself and even the birthday one, it’ll take at least 3 years by yourself. That isn’t fun at all. :/ New Leaf had some large numbers for badges too, but it felt like things were more on a level playing field and not expecting you to play with tons of other people. I feel like this could be the first Animal Crossing game where I don’t finish all my goals and that makes me really sad.

I stopped by a friend’s to celebrate Bruce’s birthday at least.

And stopped by her museum to get the last stamp I needed!

The only other thing I really did was place some Flamingos here. You won’t be able to easily see them most of the time, but I think it looked nice.

Day 70

Gulliver was here! It’s always kind of bittersweet to see him as while I do need to for the Nook Miles, Golden Shovel, and cataloging, I hate his task this time. I miss the trivia so much.

Meanwhile, Phil asked me to find him a horse mackerel.

And that’s pretty much it for today. I did find Wisp that night, but I wasn’t feeling well so I wasn’t able to find his spirits… Sorry Wisp :(

Day 71

Saharah was our daily visitor today. I also got a DIY Recipe in a bottle from Maple which was nice as she’s one of the two villagers I hope to move in.

Teddy ended up teaching me the Flourish Reaction which is actually his “Best Friend” reaction! I still haven’t gotten any photos yet (Giving presents just to build friendship feels weird to me– I’d rather give them things I think they’d like then just randomly fruit every day. This isn’t Harvest Moon.) so this was a nice surprise.

Meanwhile, Judy asked me something I had been waiting to be asked for ages now… I had not been asked again since my failure early on.

Unfortunately, they can’t bury it on the beach and every spot is filled so I… had a new feeling of sadness and defeat :(

I’m so sorry I let you down, Judy T___T I wish there was a way to tell what they ask as picking something up each time in between checking for bubbles will get annoying fast.

Day 72

I got a new gift from DAL Airlines: a DAL Backpack. I wish I knew how close I was to everything…

Cookie tried to move, but I thankfully was able to stop her.

I hope Margie or Phil may ask soon :/ I also constantly worry I’ll somehow hit the wrong option.

Kicks was also here today.

I then spent some time that night playing around with ideas.

In the end, I didn’t keep any of it (and I’m honestly not sure I managed to revert it back completely, but I hope so), but I wish I could do more.

Days 73

Honestly, I didn’t really do anything. :( K.K. Slider was here so I watched his concert later.

But that’s really it. I did visit a friend’s town too.

Days 74

Once again, I didn’t really do anything, but another Best Friend Reaction– the Confident Reaction from Mira! Unfortunately, the screenshot didn’t properly save so this is the best I can do:

I’m actually really upset about it as this is the first time I won’t have the blurb saved. Not sure why the screenshot didn’t properly save.

As a side note, it’s kind of ironic we had to learn it when our Villager ends up using it every time they have to move a building anyway…


With that done, I will admit I’m more than a bit discouraged with the game. Things feel a lot more gated this time around and things I have to do either are things I can’t stand that will burn me out of the game completely (resource gathering, crafting, etc.) or are in a weird limbo for one reason or another (waiting for the game to spawn certain villagers, trying to play around with my storage so I can work on my house’s interior) and it just makes me really sad. I wish I was having more fun.

So many things they are choosing to do just make it harder for legitimate players and I really don’t understand it at all.


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