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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 75: The Wedding Event Begins

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The Wedding Event is finally here! And… I wish I was as excited as I was when I first heard about it. Regardless, let’s go into the day and event first before we go into my frustrations.

Since bugs and fish shift over at midnight, I started my mosquito hunting early (or late I suppose in a way?). They’re never particularly fun to catch (partially as they easily blend in and can sting you), but I wanted to get it done quickly. To my surprise though, I managed to catch one in 3 minutes completely by accident.

I had actually been trying to scare the fish away in hopes of increasing bug spawns and didn’t even see it. Like there’s trees here so:

Was so surprised when she caught something for one, let alone not the firefly I saw. I quickly took it over to the museum and that has me all done for June!

After taking care of that, I turned the game off for a while planning to sleep… I wasn’t able to though so I loaded it back up sometime before 5AM and actually ran into Wisp…

While I tried really hard, I ended up finding the 5th Spirit right as it hit 5AM so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give them to him and messed up his quest again. I wish it didn’t turn over until you went inside and back out T__T This broke my heart.

Regardless, as 5AM hit and the day rolled over, after Isabelle’s monologue, I immediately got a call from Harvey.

I quickly stated making my way to the airport, but was a bit distracted seeing the next decorations at Nook’s Cranny.

I eventually made my way over though and found out what Harvey needed my help with.

We then headed inside for introductions and to find out more about what we needed to do.

After finishing, I got some gifts from Reese (and well, Cyrus too I suppose).

I was really sad I couldn’t keep doing designs for them. I really don’t like “check in daily for like 5-10 minutes each day to do things” events X__x I much rather just sit down and work on it until it’s done. Regardless, Reese and Harvey said they need my help so I’ll do my best.

Upon heading out to take my trip home, Wilbur let me know about some new services from Dodo Airlines.

I wasn’t able to afford all the items currently available unfortunately (and it doesn’t help that I have to wait for them to arrive in the mail), but at least we were given a bench which I put right in Cookie’s yard:

Figuring out how many items I want is going to be rough :/ Especially when I’m still struggling to work on my house.

I will say where the Wedding Event excels is with its items. The problem is, as I mentioned briefly above, once again limiting our progress. I expected heart crystals to be unlocked through helping Cyrus and Reese out with things, but I didn’t expect to be limited to earning only so many a day. You have to trade in for items, some unlock each day, and it’s just… silly. And apparently lasts all month.

You need to play it at least every day for at least a week to even be able to buy everything, but roughly 3 weeks total to earn enough Heart Gems to get at least one of each thing and that’s awful. That only leaves a week of leeway and I just… can’t see how they’ll stretch it out to such an extent. It’s just a slow grind and I don’t understand why. This isn’t a mobile game, yet the excessive event limitations and slowly adding in items we’ve had for a long time (while not the case with the wedding event, I mean in general) sure feel like it and it’s frustrating. I wanted an expansion on New Leaf + Happy Home Designer, not Pocket Camp.

Despite my frustrations, I did end up doing a few other things today. I visited a friend, gave Margie some medicine…

And moved some things around to make some areas a bit nicer. I’d really like to put something next to the Iron Bench over at the cafe area now, but I genuinely can’t think of what would look nice. As for Cookie’s yard, I think the bench just deserved a nicer setting than showing it from the back only.

I may do the other Wedding Days in a single entry as most of my plans kind of fell apart, but we’ll see how it goes…


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