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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 76-79: Wedding Event Days 2-5

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Day 76

The next day had hit and I had mail from Reese & Cyrus with the Wedding items I traded heart crystals in for. I’m surprised they didn’t get a unique stationery though.

After storing some things (and removing some stuff to sell later because I need storage space), I made my way to the airport. Leif is apparently here today as well.

I quickly spoke to Harvey to get back inside and then got my next assignment.

Even though I’m not thrilled with the Event roll-out, I still did my best.

Today’s gift was the wedding table. I ended up using my Heart Crystals to get the Wedding Wallpaper. I don’t know if I’ll manage to use it, but I really like it.


Day 77

Starting off, Isabelle let us know we had a Visitor at the Campsite. And on my way there to check, I noticed Redd was here!!

The Common and Famous Paintings ended up being real.

As for my Campsite Villager, it turned out to be Al.

Regardless, it was then off to Harvey’s island. Unfortunately, it was just the same theme as Day 1… But at least we had a bit more furniture to work with. I ended up getting a Wedding Flower Stand as thanks for today (plus heart crystals of course).

I ended up placing the Flower Stand here:

And that was pretty much it.


Day 78

I ended up starting today late due to allergies just kicking my butt. I still haven’t gotten a moving prompt since I told Cookie not to move :( My storage was full, so I quickly moved around, gifted, and sold some things… Then I went to check on my villagers and Phil wants to move!!

Someone actually has been holding Maple for me so I know who will be moving in next. I’ll just have Peanut left then and I have about 400 tickets or so to look for her with so fingers crossed.

Kicks also ended up being here. I still need some things from him so at least I made some progress on the catalog front.

It was then back off to Harvey’s island. Unsurprisingly, we were doing the Reception today with some additional furniture. I ended up ordering two cakes after.

I wish we could still squeeze between furniture like in Happy Home Designer :/

The only other things I really did was give out some items I cleaned from storage, craft at a friend’s town, and get rid of a flea from Merengue which let me finish my Flea Flicker Nook Miles thing. We’re more than halfway through, though, I’ll still need a lot of heart crystals…


Day 79

I got the Wedding Cakes from the mail so I did some adjustments to the cafe area.

I was then continuing on my way when I found a lost item. Using my investigation skills, I figured it was likely Cookie’s. Now I just needed to find her…

Labelle ended up being here today. I kind of forgot she could show up randomly… Sorry, Labelle.

Before talking to her though, I wanted to go say a final goodbye to Phil. I always feel bad letting Villagers leave :(

I hope I can find him a happy home.

I decided to continue my search for Cookie before anything else, partially as I wanted to talk to my other villagers and couldn’t until delivering the item to the wrong person or Cookie herself and I wanted to deliver it without them telling me who it belonged to. After a wile of looking, I finally found her and I was right. She gave me a Sprite Costume as thanks.

It was then off to go see Labelle and get my new theme.

Thankfully, she liked it despite me not using the top she gave me and thus, I got another design from her label– the Labelle cap.

I then went back to my house to drop off the clothes I had used. On my way back to town so I could head over to Harvey’s island, I ran into Cookie who wanted to teach me the final Preppy personality reaction!:

To be honest, I’ll probably never use it, but yay for another reaction down.

I then made it to Harvey’s island to get my latest Wedding Photo Assignment: The Ceremony. Again. To my surprise, I actually got the Wedding Pipe Organ today. It’s one of the more expensive items so this was really nice.


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