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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 81: The 7th Day of the Wedding Event

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We finally get to the 7th day which will unlock the rest of the Wedding stuff. I might do the Wedding event until I at least do the Reception and Ceremony in the other two themes, but otherwise, just for some Heart Crystal grinding as needed.

Before making our way to Harvey’s though, I got the Wedding Welcome sign I ordered from the mail and also had a really sweet letter from Marina.

Plus, a letter from the Nook Shopping thing about new seasonal items: Summer Solstice Crown and Winter Solstice Sweater! I didn’t expect both to be available like this so it was a nice surprise.

And of course, I had to make sure… Maple has moved in!! This is especially exciting as her birthday is in a little over a week.

I’m just sad that Peanut won’t be here in time for her birthday too (and depending on things, may not ever get to celebrate it).

Meanwhile, Diana was up super early, surprisingly. Daisy Mae was also here, of course, selling turnips for 91 bells each this week.

I then made my way over to the airport, but did make sure to mail Maple a welcome present for her door real quick first. And with that done, it was over to Harvey’s island!

To my surprise, rather than just letting me in, Harvey gave me a recipe!

It was then time to go inside, but I was pretty excited about the new recipe. And when I got in, it was clear to tell there was a new theme.

The Chic version is my second favorite for the most part so I did my best.

We ended up just getting more heart crystals instead of an item, but when I spoke to Cyrus, I got another DIY Recipe!

I ended up trading in Heart Crystals for the Cake Dress (why couldn’t there be a version with sleeves?!), Wedding Pumps, Wedding shoes, White Wedding rug, and White Wedding Flooring which left me with just 1 Heart Crystal. I still need the Wedding-party wall, Brown wedding wall, Green wedding wall, Brown Wedding flooring, Green wedding flooring, Blue wedding rug, Red wedding rug, and the Wedding Tuxedo (someone gave me the veil already) and then I’ll have everything.

The Wallpapers and Floorings are 12 each, the rugs are 4 each, and the Wedding Tuxedo is 20 so 88 Heart Crystals to go x-x

Once I got back, it was time to learn my new recipes.

Unfortunately, I needed a Wedding Flower Stand for the Wedding wand so it’ll be a bit for that one… I should at least have enough heart crystals tomorrow, but it sucks that I’ll have to wait for it in the mail.

I was at least able to make the Fences though and I ended up switching out my rope fences for the wedding ones. Not sure if I’ll keep the fences to the sides of the bottom of the stairs though just yet…

I also did two other adjustments. I’m not sure again on this fence, but I actually think the welcome sign looks pretty cute… Maybe I should consider having the path under it though.

As a side note, apparently Reese and Cyrus gave every villager who was at the party yesterday one of the plates which I didn’t expect… Though, of the Villagers in their houses at the time I was poking around, only Flurry had it on display. I wonder if she always will.

And thanks to some friends, I was able to get a few more wedding things– I got the Wedding Flower Stand for the Wedding Wand at the least. I also got both rugs so just 80 Heart Crystals left to go now. Another friend said they may have some spare Heart Crystals too, but it looks like I may not be able to order anything else today ^^;

While at Harvey’s though, I also invited Maple in so I could order her poster. It’ll be nice to have her poster up in my house.

With this, the next entries will be maybe me doing the Reception also in Chic Style and both the Ceremony and Reception in the Garden style, but otherwise, it’ll probably just be some Villager birthdays or something ^^; It’ll be a bit quiet for a while and not much to write about… Everything I still need to do is just a lot of waiting or things that aren’t really much to talk about (like the crafting to catalog). New Horizons is such a weird feel for me than usual for Animal Crossing games and it’s not really a good thing. I wish I felt happier when I played it.


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