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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 82

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It was raining today. I had a lot of mail today. Besides Nook Shopping stuff (including Maple’s poster), all the wedding items I ordered from Cyrus as well came. After storing a bunch of stuff, I set up Maple’s poster and made the Wedding wand.

Leif was here. But most importantly, Maple was fully set up and my welcome gift had arrived properly and she had a lovely wreath on her door. She also had sent a really sweet Thank you letter too.

Meanwhile, it was Reneigh’s birthday in a friend’s town so I stopped by to give her a present.

Just 10 more Villager birthday celebrations and I’m done with the Nook Miles thing for it x-x

Upon getting back to down, Merengue taught me the Day-dreaming reaction!

That just leaves me with 8 reactions left– unfortunately, I can only learn one of them: Love from Snooty villagers. Showmanship was the best friend level from Smug villagers, Pride was the best friend level from Lazy villagers, and then the other 5 (Worry, Sheepish-ness, Agreement, Bewilderment, Inspiration*) are from Cranky villagers. Of the ones I’m missing, I only really would’ve maybe liked Showmanship and possibly Inspiration, but honestly, I hope they maybe add Dr. Shrunk back someway or find some kind of work around (maybe even meeting a villager when full can let you learn a reaction?) because this really sucks and I really would’ve hoped they learned to not do this again. I suppose I could technically rotate Margie out if I got a Smug, Lazy, or Cranky Camper (or attempt to), but ignoring my paranoia of pushing people out still, I just want to have my Dream Villagers and be done with that. What really gets me though is as the Nook Miles thing requires 40 for the final stamp, I’ll never be able to complete it unless they change something.

After chatting with more of my villagers, it was back off to Harvey’s to see if I could get a Wedding theme I haven’t done yet and to trade in more heart crystals. I thankfully got the Garden theme which was the one I still needed to do.

One thing I noticed is she actually doesn’t state the type (Ceremony/Reception)– just the color/theme now so I guess this Garden one will be my last go unless I need more Heart Crystals, though, I may check in again towards the end of the month.

The Garden theme is probably my least favorite. I’m not super fond of the colors and the only things I think look super nice for it are the Candles and the Welcome Sign (though, I still prefer the other two). I do think it came out okay regardless though.

I then ended up leaving as usual, but when I went back in to test something, the theme got reset to Chic and I had to start over…

It still saved my progress (and I wouldn’t get anything else as thanks, it was just kind of a bonus theme), but I actually really liked the general layout I did with the Garden theme so I just redid it, but with Chic colors and inviting Villagers (and Harvey and Wilbur) this time:

To my surprise, she then suggested another party… I feel bad for not thinking of trying with the Garden theme…

I still think this will be it for me with the Wedding event though. As for what I was testing… Since Harvey and Wilbur do not have Amiibo cards, but could be invited to the Wedding set, I was curious if inviting them there would let me use them in the normal studio and get their posters. Sadly, it didn’t work.

Anyway, this is pretty much my last thing planned for a while ^^; I’ll probably at least bring it up each day to check on my villagers, but I’m not expecting much to happen…

I did have this lovely conversation with Sable as I finished up today:

For a final bonus though, this was what ended up being the Youtube thumbnail for the Party video and that’s just great:


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