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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 83-88 and the difficulty with playing

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Day 83

Isabelle mentioned someone in the campsite which I was surprised about. It felt sooner than usual.

On my way through the Village, Mira let me know she had lost her notebook. This is the first time a Villager actually told me so I was really surprised.

Sadly, I also noticed Saharah was here… I had gotten my hopes up after not seeing anyone in the plaza. I also noticed a lot of Villagers reminding me about Maple’s birthday being on the 15th. Yet no bulletin board mention.

I finally made it over to my campsite and Hans ended up being here today.

As for Mira’s notebook, it took a while, but I finally found it hidden in the grove.


Day 84

I almost didn’t put the game on today. I felt so bad, both physically and mentally, but also it was hard to get more motivation beyond “Well, maybe the random NPC today is one I still need” as I continue to miss checking for Wisp every evening.

I think my biggest issue with my goals with New Horizons right now is I don’t have a way to focus on anything. There’s so many different directions it’s pulling me and so many things to keep up on, despite the game only being out not even 3 months, I already feel incredibly overwhelmed in a way I never felt with AC despite fully completing my catalog and my museum each game and getting all gold badges in New Leaf.

There’s the crafting recipes, there’s actually crafting things, there’s getting all the colors, there’s trying to keep track of thousands of items due to all the colors, the extra randomness between what even shows up in the shops, the exhaustingness of trying to catalog in Able Sisters… I miss when I could just pick out something and they would let me know if I had it or not.

Then there’s whenever Nintendo tries to update which adds another thing. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to spawn and build Snowmen in my town, let alone manage to do a good job at it. It’s too much to keep track of and I’m not even going into the crazy requirements for the Nook Miles (5,000 wood from trees?? That’s over 1,665 trees. Flimsy axes can do up to 40 swings. You need over 40 Flimsy axes to cut that many without making any mistakes of cutting one too many times. It just adds up so fast). It sucks because I know I could do a better job if I tried to do some progress each day, but it’s just too much. I can’t focus on so many tasks at once hanging over my head. It’s one thing if I can work on another task at the same time, but it’s a set of individual tasks– many of which I can only complete based off when the game decides to spawn the appropriate factors. It’s not a matter of patience because like, I don’t feel any pressure to go to December or July for the last bugs I’m needing, but just frustration with way too many random factors and the fact that New Horizons seems to emphasize playing with people even more than New Leaf did while also charging for online.

I feel like I’d be able to enjoy the game more if I could at least focus on one thing specifically (Like if I had JUST clothes to get or JUST furniture or JUST recipes/things I need to craft or even just working on Nook Miles tasks), but right now, it just feels like everything is happening at once and for each thing I don’t manage to do, it’s someone yelling at me for not doing as well as I could. I can’t even shop at Able Sister’s for cataloging anymore. But I know I missed out on the best time to try and get Spring items and that will absolutely cost me later. There’s just no winning here until I’m done, but I can’t make those steps to get to that point because the game has my anxiety through the roof. I don’t have a quick step program. I don’t have an instruction list. I have hours upon hours checking lists to make sure I didn’t miss anything and also praying I don’t run out of bells.

To my surprise upon loading it up, Isabelle announced Shooting Stars tonight… I probably won’t bother though. I can’t get any new recipes from Celeste and I have more than enough star fragments right now.

I made my way over to Resident Services to see if anyone was there and happy to see a bird notifying something finally being on the bulletin board… I expected it to be Maple’s birthday announcement, but it was Cookie’s.

I guess because Maple moved in the day it should’ve been posted for her, it just wasn’t? That feels like bad planning though. And I mean, if my other Villagers are already talking about it, I’m not sure why they couldn’t just put hers down the moment she moved in too. I felt really bad about it though so I tried to make her one.

Maple was also finally in her house so got to see inside her home today. And she was really sweet T~T

As I continued along, I saw Chip was here again finally so I quickly made my way back to my house (while picking up tree branches along the way as if crafting didn’t annoy me enough on principle), I went to check on fish before realizing I was actually short on the ones I wanted made so oops. I went off to fish for some Goldfish possibly also checking for Cherry Salmon, but my hopes were pretty low. I tried for a while, but I just wasn’t feeling well today and had no luck so I didn’t bother talking to Chip at all. I don’t care about selling for a bit higher. I may need bells, but bells are never much of a motivation for me so I just continue to suffer there.

Meanwhile, Teddy asked me about his catch phrase and so I gave him a new one this time. I’m expecting to regret my decision as soon as I see other Villagers using it which I wish they wouldn’t.


Day 85

Mira called me out.

And Kicks was here.

But most surprisingly, Judy ended up teaching me the final reaction I can learn as my only Smug and Lazy Villagers moved and I’ve never had a Cranky one:

I also was finally able to give Maple gifts so I gave her one of the Pink Lace-up dresses. Tomorrow shall be the Tiara.


Day 86

Gulliver ended up being here today.

This was apparently the 10th time I helped him and the next goal is 20… I swear it was 30. Maybe they lowered some of the requirements? If only. I know it’s 30 for the shovel though :/ Unless that was lowered too/

Margie forgot to return something to Teddy so I offered to do it for her.

I gave Maple a tiara as mentioned.

And I ended up playing around in the Zen area a bit. I added some Mountain standees which I think look nice.

I thought of adding some in the front too, but due to the lack of overhead rotation, it was just impossible to get my character in a position where she could display them the right way around.


Day 87

I ended up not playing until evening and just for K.K. Slider’s concert which I think says everything…

Of course, I did check in with my villagers a bit. I gave Maple a present.

And she let me know Merengue was sick so I quickly stopped by there as well.

That was it though. I felt bad I missed checking on Able Sister’s… Not that I’ve been buying much lately anyway :(


Day 88

Nothing really happened today again. Margie asked my favorite kind of music to listen to is which was rough as I don’t really have a favorite type. My taste is super eclectic and I listen to all three of these.

Tomorrow is Maple’s birthday though so I am going to try and play a bit more at least…


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