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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 89-92

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Day 89

It’s officially Maple’s birthday!! This is the first birthday I’ve actually gotten to celebrate in my own town which has been nice. Isabelle also let us know we had a visitor at the camp site.

Kicks also ended up being here. Sadly, he didn’t have anything I needed today.

I then made my way over to Maple’s for her birthday.

And then it was off to see our new camper: Julia.

After that, I decided to finally try and craft as much as I could to get all colors.

While I’d be selling everything for the most part, I decided to give Teddy the Bamboo Lunchbox… To my surprise, he gave me his photo! My first one!

I know a lot of people have been giving gifts everyday to get the photos quickly, but like… while the thought is nice, it almost feels kind of forced? I’d rather just give them gifts if I get something I think they would like or that fits them in some way.

The only other things I did today were just small changes. I’m not entirely sure on the Arches here yet, but I also think they look nice. The Tree’s Bounty one will make more sense whenever Peanut gets moved in.


Day 90

It’s officially been three months now and it feels weird still having so many goals incomplete, but nothing I can really DO to change that. What I can do I need to save for the end or it’ll hit my anxiety over resource management and just, everything is so frustrating about all of this. I’m also so tired of going around picking up tree branches.

To my surprise though, I had a lot of mail, including a Thank you letter from Maple and a really sweet letter from Judy.

Labelle ended up being here with a new theme for the day. She ended up giving me a Flashy Cardigan so I did my best. Thankfully, it was good enough and I ended up getting the Labelle dress today.

The Labelle dress wasn’t really my thing so I ended up giving it to Diana.

I may also give her a pink version.

I gave some other gifts today too.


Day 91

While popping on the game today just to see who may be here, it turns out Leif was in the plaza, so I figured I’d just wait to play until later after Pokemon stuff so I could actually talk to my Villagers.

I ended up popping it on properly shortly after 8. Flurry wanted to call me Pumpkin, but I still prefer Princess. I always feel bad turning them down. But I also would feel bad not hearing them out. It’s a lose-lose situation for me.

Thanks to friends, I was able to get enough wood so now it’s just waiting for out of season materials @-@

I ended up playing late that night to go pick up stuff from someone and ran into Wisp again. Of course, I’m supposed to be going to bed right after picking stuff up because of course I only see him during the worst timing lately.

I ended up getting enough Unaccessed fossils to finish my Nook Miles thing which was nice though. I also only need a Brachio Pelvis to have an extra set of Brachio pieces just incase the rumors are true as that is the closest to my favorite dinosaur this time around.

At the very end, I did manage to find Wisp’s last Spirit thankfully… In return though, I just got a Paint Set which was another item I already have all the colors of T__T


Day 92

It’s Cookie’s birthday! And despite being a day to celebrate her, she actually had sent me a nice letter.

I then made my way over to Cookie’s house.

Redd also ended up being here. Sadly none of the Fakes I needed, but my husband was very happy to get some new art.

I ended up giving Mira a new gift today and to my surprise, she gave me her photo! That’s the second one I’ve earned now.


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