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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 102 – 107 (Final Wedding Day & Diving Madness)

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Day 102

It was raining again today which really frustrated me. I heard you can’t have moving prompts while it rains and just, I know I’m due to one so this is super frustrating.

At least I got my Bug-off Trophies.

I will say, my many issues aside, I love that you can get all three at once and that at least means I don’t have to worry about it in the future beyond helping friends. I can just do one round for the Nook Miles and be set.

On my way to the plaza, I noticed a new Bulletin Message for Mira’s birthday on July 6th:

Daisy Mae was also here, of course, selling turnips for 98 Bells each. I haven’t been playing early enough to see her for a while, but I still have no interest in doing turnips again no matter how many bells I need.

I don’t actually have anything to say about this– I just thought Cookie was looking adorable.


Day 103

It thankfully wasn’t raining today. Unfortunately, Leif was here and Margie was inside so even if there was a moving prompt, it wouldn’t be for who I hoped would move :(

I ended up checking again later and Cookie had a moving prompt… I told her to stay. Hopefully she means this.

But ugh, Margie please ask to move T__T I guess I’ll try to only check later in the day… I feel like it’s important to mention that Cookie was actually indoors when I played earlier with no moving prompt so I guess them being indoors isn’t a definite sign… Hopefully I haven’t missed a chance.


Day 104

From the load screen, I could tell Kicks was here. Today is also the final day of the Wedding Event. The only Bug I need for July is the Walking Leaf which won’t appear until 8AM so I wouldn’t have anything to do at midnight either. Upon booting up, Isabelle let me know we had a Visitor at the Campsite as well.

I had some mail from Ruu with some items I was still missing from my catalog which was really nice of her. I’m just missing the Blue Celebratory Candles now.

On my way to the Plaza, I found a Lost Item. It clearly belonged to a Normal type though and when you love four Normal types and also have one you still can’t get to move, well, half your town is Normal so that’s not really helpful. I ended up running into Flurry and Maple first. Considering Maple hadn’t been here long, I didn’t think we’d be close enough for me to have fully investigated, but I guess so as when I showed Flurry, she told me it was Maple’s.

Unfortunately, Margie was inside so I’d have to check again later, but considering I had just told Cookie not to move yesterday, it was unlikely we’d get a new moving prompt today. I feel bad as I’m getting really antsy about it and I’m generally more patient, but I just really want Peanut to be in and befriended before my birthday.

With my hopes dashed again, I went to see who our campsite villager was. Big Top.

Even though I didn’t need anything else, I wanted to finish the Wedding Event on a positive note and with it being the final day, I decided to go to take one last Photo Op. It ended up being a Garden theme which I was actually excited about as I didn’t get to hold a party there yet.

The only other thing I really ended up doing was a little crafting… You need to craft 3,000 Furniture for one of the Nook Miles and since Document Stacks can make Scattered Paper which can make Document Stacks, that’s an endless recipe you can do to not constantly need more ingredients. Unfortunately, sitting there crafting about 2,000 items still isn’t very fun so I didn’t get very far v__v


Day 105

It’s officially July! And thus, my first order of business was catching a Walking Leaf which actually didn’t take long at all. (Also I had gotten more stuff for cataloging so thank you, Ruu!!)

Label ended up being here today. Unfortunately, the request was absolutely not my forte. I tried my best though.

Thankfully, she liked it and gave me some Labelle shorts.


Day 106

Depending on things, we could have the update tonight which could be fun… Which also just makes me want to get as much done as possible. To my surprise, I had more catalog help from friends, but also a really sweet letter from Diana.

Besides that, Saharah was here (after watching the opening screen for over an hour because I sure couldn’t find anyone anywhere) and that was it for now at least.

I also stopped by Kymera’s island. She had these cute turtles around. It’s honestly pretty clever, but ignoring my pattern problems, I don’t know if I’d manage to do something as nice.

I then ended up visiting another friend’s island for some cataloging and to get recipes I needed. Now I can just focus on the Mermaid recipes at least.

And as expected, the update was out that evening! I kept watch and as soon at it hit 9PM EST, I had the update start. There was a letter from Nintendo thanking us for updating (with a Snorkel mask attached– I got the Orange one) and a letter from Nook Inc. letting us know about new items available.

I quickly made my way over to Nook’s Cranny, as it would be closing in about an hour, and bought a wet suit which they explained to me how to use.

And then I was off.

I was so happy that we could catch Jellyfish and not worry about being stung by them (or anything, we could just swim and sit there for hours, the music drowned out by the sounds of the waves…).

I won’t be showing every single fish as that would be… a lot of pictures, but I will at least show my favorites. I ended up catching 8 things so far.

Even a Scallop! And right on cue…

He ended up giving me the Mermaid Sofa DIY!! And then I desperately searched for another Scallop which thankfully didn’t take as long as I thought it would. It was then off to Blathers!

I then stopped at a friend’s town as it was Agent S’ birthday.

And then I headed back and immediately jumped right back into the water.

I ended up catching 8 more things that night for a total of 16.

And thanks to Ruu, I got this lovely wet suit. I also couldn’t resist putting the Horseshoe crab on the beach…


Day 107

My schedule right now essentially consists of two things only: Diving and checking if Margie wants to move. I had gotten the Nook Inc. Wet suit in the mail which is essentially my favorite design, but I wish it had another color variant. Why can’t there be a Coral version??

I did, however, get the Bamboo Grass I ordered from the Nook Shopping app as well so I adjusted some things in my Zen area.

And then I was off. I even found my first Pearl! (And also got a Pearl from Pascal in return for the Scallop I found…)

Gulliver ended up being here too, though, just the usual one.

And Judy asked me to deliver a gift she had gotten for Teddy.

I managed to get a second of the Giant Isopod and I love how it kind of pokes its head out of its container so I ended up putting one here alongside some seaweed (which I put a few around the island).

Meanwhile, Diana wanted a new catch phrase and hers, like Teddy’s, is one of the few I really wanted to change… I just wish other villagers wouldn’t pick it up.

I also ended up stopping by Meg’s Southern Hemisphere Island. Besides cataloging the various wet suits and snorkels, I caught several new things too.

Of course, I still had things to find in the Northern Hemisphere too… And I managed to get them to finish getting all the Northern Hemisphere sea creatures I can get this month.

To my surprise as I was diving around, I saw a few shooting stars… And then ended up running right into Celeste.

To finish things off that night, I managed to get another Mermaid sofa from a very nice person which I used as a little watch area in my Cafe by the music area. I think it looks nice.


With all that out of the way, I do want to give my feelings on the update itself. I DID end up liking it more than I expected, despite not really finding much “new” with it and that’s due to a very specific reason: Diving is actually kind of relaxing.

Diving is absolutely not perfect. The swimming is a bit slower (or at least feels that way due to how big the ocean is), you still have to annoyingly tap A to swim faster (and the only real reason not to is for certain creatures you need to “sneak up” on) because I guess we should all have wrist pain, and sometimes you still have to chase things down (though, most aren’t too bad and the ones that are can either be approached slowly with the non-tapping swimming oooor herded towards a barrier to catch).

The nicest thing is that things can’t actually escape this time! They can’t go under a barrier away from you. You don’t risk losing things forever beyond if someone decides to join while you’re trying to catch something. It can still be annoying and take a while, but you won’t actually lose them which relieves SO MUCH stress.

But the biggest stress reliever? NO TOOLS BREAKING. I can swim to my heart’s content and dive as much as I want. I’ve caught well over 500 things already and I’m okay with it. Diving is absolutely not perfect, but they did fix some of the biggest issues from New Leaf.

If anything, this just tells me more and more how much I wish tools didn’t break. Some of the designs are so cute and gold tools especially breaking is awful.

I would say my biggest “complaints”, besides the few things mentioned above about swim speed, are the rarity of pearls (which thus makes part of why Pascal gives you pearls… but even that is frustrating as you can get them otherwise unlike everything else he gives.

I have yet to see Pirate!Gulliver, but honestly, the game just feels so random this time around. I don’t even want most of the pirate stuff. I just hope I can catalog a lot of things and get the few things I want.

But the mermaid stuff? I love all of it so much. I just wish the Mermaid dresses had sleeves T~T Cute shell sleeves would’ve looked so nice… Or even poofy ones with lines of pearls…

There were a few other adjustments in the update as well such as Leif, Kicks, and Saharah not always being guaranteed and a few other changes that seem helpful too. Now if we can just buy stacks of more than 5 at a time…

Finally, something I didn’t expect is that you can actually earn a fair amount of bells from Diving? Just doing one inventory bundle gets me 20K on average– sometimes as much as 30K-40K. I’ve earned so many bells which I never would’ve expected. It’s been a nice surprise.

Now if I can just get the diving creatures I still need before the month ends XP


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