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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 113 – 115

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Day 113 (and 112 redux?)

Today was a bit of a weird day. It initially started with nothing really going on. Chip ended up being here so I gave him the Goldfish to get a Goldfish model.

The only model I still want to get is a Betta model now, but I still need two more Betta fish and I suck at finding them (I know where they are, they’re just rare and I do not get them most of the time).

I had just taken some nice screenshots otherwise with nothing really happening.

It was also Meg’s birthday today so we went over to her NH town to celebrate.

Back on my own island, I continued to look around for a move prompt, but… No matter how long I looked, I couldn’t find one. Anywhere. There was no rain and no though bubbles. I have been in the random “daily move prompts” part for a while in hopes Margie may want to move so I should’ve seen one, but I couldn’t get one to pop. And the only way I could find to help trigger them again was a quick time travel back and forth until they started appearing again.

I don’t like changing the date, but I didn’t really want to wait another 15 days when my birthday is next week so I figured I’d try to get it kicked into gear.

For the most part, I didn’t do anything beyond check in with my villagers, but because I had Label yesterday, I was worried something could get messed up in the future so I spoke to her just incase (I don’t know, seeing how Gracie worked in New Leaf, if they add things in, I could see having her line unlocked effecting something). I ended up getting four themes from her during my trying to fix the moving issue: Goth, Theatrical, Outdoorsy (which I didn’t get a good screenshot of), and Vacation.

Label’s dialogue also seemed different on completion? At first I thought I was just doing well, but she would say it each time no matter what, even on an outfit (I got Gothic theme twice) I showed previously where she wasn’t as ecstatic:

In the end, she actually just eventually started giving me the set in a different color which was kind of underwhelming, but it meant I could concentrate on fixing the issue without worrying of screwing something up.

Regardless, I eventually saw them popping back up on the 8th and quickly made my way back to the 9th permanently to actually finish up things.

I got a nice letter from Teddy that actually had a fossil in it (Dinosaur Track) which was surprising?? But I do love mysteries so he’s right about that.

I had found a lost item, a book, that after investigating could belong to Judy or Diana… I ran into Judy first so I tried my luck and was right! The biggest surprise though was she gave me her photo in return.

This is my third photo and I never would’ve expected Judy’s before villagers I’ve had a bit longer. Part of it is likely that Judy is one of the ones I’ve given the most gifts. I know a lot of people like to give gifts every day for this very reason, but it just feels kind of cheapened to me? I prefer only to give gifts when I see something and feel it fits their aesthetic/that they would like it/it makes me think of them than a random gift each day just to build up a point value. I wish it was possible to do favors for them more often to befriend them that way.

As for Pascal, he once again gave me a pearl…

Finally, it was time to find my move prompt for the day and well…

While I’m happy she’s finally moving so I can try and find Peanut, it’s bittersweet too. I always feel bad when they move out. I’ll miss you, Margie. Here’s hoping I can find you a good home. On the bright side, we’ll finally be able to island hop on Saturday! Fingers crossed we can find Peanut…

With the weird day out of the way though, I wanted to talk a bit about some of the datamine stuff. I’m glad Dream Suite may make a return (likely in the same sense of Harvey’s Island) and then I may even do some island tours which could be fun.

That said, I really really really do not want farming. There’s not enough storage space as it is, let alone if you need to hound up ingredients. I feel like it could come into use for Thanksgiving considering Franklin’s New Leaf event if it is the case, but just… Let Animal Crossing be Animal Crossing. I never enjoyed the crops-part of Harvest Moon (or other farming games– I preferred focusing on the animals and chaacters) and honestly, we only have so much island space. The only way I would even be SOMEWHAT okay with it is if we had a separate island that was just a farming plot we could build up and store things there. And if we did cook (which I would guess is just… like… food-related DIYs but), if that was tied to it, it would just pull from whatever we have stored there.

But otherwise? The game has enough in existing features and I’d rather any kind of farming not be part of it. New Horizons has some things convoluted enough.


Day 114

I ended up being up late due allergies and other issues so I decided as 5AM hit to check and make sure Margie really was moving… Isabelle’s message confirmed, but when I went to say good bye, Margie was actually still asleep. I didn’t really think about it as when a villager is moving in, they are packing all day as soon as 5AM hit so I figured it was similar when moving out.

Regardless, while Margie wasn’t awake yet, Maple was with an early morning. I have those days too, Maple.

5AM is my favorite time today. The music is actually relaxing and not grating at all and I love the colors of the sky and sea (the colors are at least tied with 6PM). I honestly kind of miss the natural sounds before upgrading Resident Services. I wouldn’t mind that switching with the 5AM music every so often…

I wasn’t planning to play long before heading to bed, but I decided to at least see who my visitor was and it ended up being Redd today.

I only need to catalog some fake art still so it was a bit disappointing, but oh well. I hope I can at least see Pirate!Gulliver soon. Regardless, today he had a Fake Quaint Painting, Fake Serene Painting, Fake Solemn Painting, and a Fake Beautiful Statue. This was my fist time getting all fakes. Let’s hope Pascal will be nicer when I play more later. At the same time, when I just need to catalog fakes, I guess this is what I want. Unfortunately, it wasn’t any of the fakes I still need.

After getting about 6 hours of sleep, I booted the game up to say farewell to Margie (Also a thank you to Ruu for the continued catalog help!!). On the way though, I noticed the Bulletin board updated with a notice about my birthday! I wasn’t expecting that.

I then finished my walk over to bid farewell to Margie.

I had some people interested in picking her up so hopefully that does come to fruition later…

I went into the Able Sisters shop to talk to Sable as usual and she ended up having some new dialogue about Label as well so maybe I wasn’t crazy about the completion dialogue sounding different.

I then looked for a Scallop for Pascal only to get a pearl, yet again. Even if it was an issue with cataloging, I still haven’t cataloged the pink pair of shoes so I should have a chance to get something from him…

For now, I put the pearl over here.

I wish the private beach was a little bigger so I could use the rocks a bit as I like the idea of a little treasure beach, but it just feels kind of cluttered without being able to angle things more.

Finally, I finished off the day with someone coming over to invite Margie to their town. I’m happy I’ve managed to find most of my villagers homes… Still feel bad I couldn’t find Phil one too though.


Day 115

It is officially the day of the Peanut hunt!! I’m nervous, but here’s hoping I’ve saved up enough Nook Miles Tickets and Nook Miles to find her today…

First I made sure the plot was really available.

And then I was off. With my recipes complete and just wanting to get through as many as possible, I decided to focus solely on the villagers only this time. The only exception will be if it’s an island I haven’t been to before to just check out a bit.

  • Island 1 – Ellie. Ellie is actually one of my favorite Elephants. I believe I even had her in the original AC, but then she was gone until New Leaf. She’s still absolutely a Tier 2 for me though.
  • Island 2 – Walker
  • Island 3 – Ribbot
  • Island 4 – Jambette
  • Island 5 – Hamlet
  • Island 6 – Eloise
  • Island 7 – Julia
  • Island 8 – Fuchsia
  • Island 9 – Filbert. He’s actually tied with Marshall for my third favorite Squirrel. First is obviously Peanut while second is Poppy. Pocket Camp’s descriptor for him really won me over.
  • Island 10 – Margie. My Margie had found a happy home so I know it wasn’t mine, but I can’t believe I ran into Margie again after her only finally moving out.
  • Island 11 – Cashmere
  • Island 12 – Rocco. While not picking him up, he has a special place in my heart as he was one of my original New Leaf Villagers.
  • Island 13 – Gala
  • Island 14 – Clay
  • Island 15 – Bella
  • Island 16 – Zucker
  • Island 17 – Fuchsia. Our first repeat. Also first time on Dorsal Fin Island.
  • Island 18 – Lyman
  • Island 19 – June. I’ve mentioned before that I really like June and honestly, I wish we could have like some side island where all our favorites could hang out.
  • Island 20 – Olaf
  • Island 21 – Ankha. I actually have no interest in her at all (and to be honest, am not a big fan of any of the Cats in general? Lolly is the one I like most), but I know a lot of people who like her so it still hurt to leave her. If only I could suggest another island to her.
  • Island 22 – Octavian
  • Island 23 – Renée
  • Island 24 – Miranda. Another of my original New Leaf villagers.
  • Island 25 – Big Top
  • Island 26 – Shari
  • Island 27 – Bangle
  • Island 28 – Olive
  • Island 29 – Naomi
  • Island 30 – Sly
  • Island 31 – Tybalt

At this point, I paused briefly to just get my Summer Fish Tourney stamp.

I recently learned I could’ve gotten Fall if I also did a Southern Hemisphere one during the first one so I’m kind of kicking myself now. Not sure if I’ll manage to get a Winter stamp today too though.

After getting my stamp with the free run, it was time to continue flying to islands.

  • Island 32 – Norma. Still my favorite cow.
  • Island 33 – Drift. From the side, he almost looks like an orange version of Camofrog.
  • Island 34 – Bubbles
  • Island 35 – Axel
  • Island 36 – Ketchup
  • Island 37 – Renée
  • Island 38 – Naomi
  • Island 39 – Beau
  • Island 40 – Tangy
  • Island 41 – Bettina
  • Island 42 – Audie
  • Island 43 – Hamphrey
  • Island 44 – Margie
  • Island 45 – Carmen
  • Island 46 – Gladys
  • Island 47 – Deirdre
  • Island 48 – Bruce
  • Island 49 – Midge
  • Island 50 – Boyd
  • Island 51 – Mac
  • Island 52 – Quillson
  • Island 53 – Chevre
  • Island 54 – Gladys
  • Island 55 – Ketchup again maybe? I thought it was a bird and not a duck, but I can’t find any other bird that is red with green on their head.
  • Island 56 – Sprinkle. She’s tied with Aurora as my favorite penguins. Honestly, if I didn’t keep Teddy or Mira, I think she or Stella would’ve likely taken the last spot(s).
  • Island 57 – Puddles
  • Island 58 – Snooty
  • Island 59 – Tia. Another Elephant I really like. I still think they should’ve used a different shade of yellow though, if not different accent colors altogether.
  • Island 60 – Renée
  • Island 61 – Hopper
  • Island 62 – Rhonda
  • Island 63 – Beau
  • Island 64 – Beau (yes, back to back…)
  • Island 65 – Savannah
  • Island 66 – Kitt
  • Island 67 – Penelope
  • Island 68 – Frobert
  • Island 69 – Rhonda
  • Island 70 – Shep
  • Island 71 – Chow
  • Island 72 – Chops
  • Island 73 – Patty
  • Island 74 – Velma
  • Island 75 – Celia
  • Island 76 – Static
  • Island 77 – Filbert
  • Island 78 – Hamphrey
  • Island 79 – Wade
  • Island 80 – Lionel
  • Island 81 – Raymond. Like Ankha, I felt bad.
  • Island 82 – Plucky
  • Island 83 – Rhonda
  • Island 84 – Blanche
  • Island 85 – Sydney
  • Island 86 – Sherb
  • Island 87 – Rudy
  • Island 88 – Kit
  • Island 89 – Pango
  • Island 90 – Goose
  • Island 91 – Bianca, my favorite tiger.
  • Island 92 – Dole
  • Island 93 – Bertha
  • Island 94 – Biskit
  • Island 95 – Frank
  • Island 96 – Peck
  • Island 97 – Hazel
  • Island 98 – Amelia
  • Island 99 – Rocco
  • Island 100 – Shari
  • Island 101 – Sprocket
  • Island 102 – Tipper
  • Island 103 – Spork
  • Island 104 – Tank
  • Island 105 – Octavian
  • Island 106 – Cesar
  • Island 107 – Winnie
  • Island 108 – Cranston
  • Island 109 – Cyrano
  • Island 110 – Patty
  • Island 111 – Tiffany
  • Island 112 – Plucky
  • Island 113 – Elise
  • Island 114 – Octavian
  • Island 115 – Robin
  • Island 116 – Alfonso
  • Island 117 – Rex
  • Island 118 – Pecan
  • Island 119 – Octavian
  • Island 120 – Rodeo
  • Island 121 – Puddles
  • Island 122 – Molly, my favorite duck.
  • Island 123 – Snooty
  • Island 124 – Boone
  • Island 125 – Willow

I think I missed writing one down as I believe I did 126, but oh well. In the end, between just not feeling well and it being a rough week, I ended up getting Peanut from someone. I’m kind of disappointed with myself as I really wanted to try and find her myself, but I just am not doing great today.

Regardless, I am thrilled to have her and be done with my villager search. I’ll be mailing her the Purple Hyacinth wreath first thing tomorrow and then I just need to wait to be able to give her gifts.

The only other thing I ended up doing was visiting Meg’s Southern Hemisphere town for my Winter Stamp… Hopefully I can get the Fall Fishing Tourney stamp soon!

…It just hit me that I probably could’ve done this for the Bug Tourney as well so now I’m kicking myself all over again.


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