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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 123-132

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Day 123

I received K.K. Birthday in the mail from K.K. Slider which finished off my music list.

And there was an announcement about the Bug-off being this weekend.

Besides that, I ended up finding a lost item. Based off the description, I knew it belonged to a Snooty Villager.

I ran into Judy first so I asked her, but it ended up belonging to Diana.

I think right now we’re really hitting the situation of just… nothing really happening. Anything I could really do is incredibly monotonous and grindy due to ridiculously large numbers (and I’d rather save them for when I literally have nothing else left to do), something that makes me really anxious due to it not being fully thought out, or waiting on something from the game itself and whatever pace it wants me to follow.

There is still technically a minor exception with redoing my house’s interior even though it does technically hit that second part, but I just feel so stressed out about it. There’s several reasons for why:

  1. The forced auto-save (While I never actually reset, the idea of knowing it was possible to do so I guess felt like some safety net if I hated everything I did)
  2. The lack of familiar sets– after playing for so many years, I had an idea of what I liked to use and how and now I just feel like I’m thrown into chaos.
  3. No good way to plan. With “surprise” monthly updates for who knows what we’re getting back and what’s actually new, I can’t fully frame of reference WHAT I want to do. I don’t like scrapping things out and it just ends up stressing me out more than any kind of inspiration. Some things do work as a perfect update or replacement, but other things just leave me baffled on how to make it all work.
  4. Smaller spaces for side rooms. Even with brief plans in advance, I was expecting, at minimum, the same room sizes as New Leaf. Most of my ideas just don’t work as well in a 6×6 space and I still can’t figure out how to adjust them.
  5. A lot of what we do have just doesn’t inspire me. I lost so many of my favorite sets and items and it’s hard to really come up with anything I feel could be unique or my own.

And in that same sense, in general, it doesn’t feel like anything about my island is unique or special. There’s nothing “wow-ing” about it. There’s nothing impressive. It’s just another island with no set theme or ideas.

As for other goals in general, my full goal list is essentially:

  • Complete all Nook Miles – This is just a grind the same way some of the medals were in New Leaf, but with even higher numbers. I feel like those are the numbers they expected people to catch while working on completing their museum and/or getting all the models, but like… I’m even less motivated to do that when my tools keep breaking. And there’s not much you can do to speed up special visitor encounters unless you time travel.
  • Finish my Catalog – I’ve finished with all wallpaper, flooring, rugs, music, and orderable furniture, but still need non-orderable furniture and soooo many clothing. And Able Sisters just… needs a cart system and an option to not send to storage. Also in general, I wish they would say if you have an item already or that color… And you could see what color an item is when on the ground :/
  • Get all my Dream Villagers – One of the few things on this list I managed to do.
  • Finish the Museum – Just need to wait for the Dung Beetle in December unless they add another wing to the museum…
  • All Reactions – Dead out the gate due to requiring each personality type because they learned nothing I guess :(

I’m actually fine being “done” and having nothing to do. My issue is there’s stuff I could technically do, but the grind is just so bad or I’m stuck constantly waiting to be able to pass certain walls due to the pacing they keep forcing on players that you can only really circumvent if you time travel or hack and it’s not something that ever felt so heavy-handed in past games.

Part of why I’ve really enjoyed Ooblets (I’ll talk more about it soon) is that I feel like I can play at my own pace entirely with nothing really shaming me for not putting my full time into it always to get as much done as possible.


Day 124

Thanks to allergies, I had a really late start and didn’t play until evening.

I crafted some stuff for someone.

And then while diving to try and find a scallop to summon Pascal, I noticed Gulliver was here.

I’m still really tired of digging up clams… But at least the phone parts are easier to find than Wisp’s spirits :/

It took me over two hours to finally find a single scallop. Thankfully Pascal showed up immediately, but wow did that burn me out on him.

I only need to see him two more times now to be “done”, but I might need a break.


Day 125

Chip was here.

I went to Meg’s island and got the Spider Crab which let me finish my Sea Creature collection.

I quickly donated it to the museum.

And I managed to get a second one to finish up the Pirate Cove area.

Finally, I gave Cookie the Desert Princess Dress in Pink and I wish we could wear outfits with pants like they do because it looks so cute as a dress…


Day 126

Labelle was here. I will admit I feel a bit less motivated knowing she just gives recolors… but I suppose I do still need to catalog those considering Able Sisters still just leaves me an anxious mess.

There was also a Camper– Kabuki.

And I found Pascal again… Just need to find him one more time now.


Day 127

Today I honestly just went around my island getting some photos of my town for Instagram— I don’t really plan to use it (I’m just not a fan of Instagram in the slightest as I already have a general one), but I wanted to set it up incase of another situation like what happened with New Leaf, especially as I’m sure Dream Suite will be out eventually.

Nothing about my island is particularly interesting or impressive though, so I probably have nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, the plaza benches continue to baffle me.

And essentially, for the final time unless he gets new stuff (like that Mermaid fence in the data T__T) as this finishes off the Nook Miles stamps, I found Pascal.


Day 128

Redd was here today. I grabbed the Perfect Painting for my husband, but the other three were fake.

I also visited Leo for cataloging.

I have under 2,300 items left to go— mostly recolors too.


Day 129

It was the Bug-off. I just played once for the stamp.


Day 130

K.K. Slider was here. I always find moments with Mira and Teddy nice as it’s like the original three again. I would’ve felt terrible letting them move.


Day 131

Flurry tried to move away. I told her no, obviously.

While it’s nice knowing that villagers can’t move without your approval (which means I wouldn’t need to keep my game the same date like I did with New Leaf), I still feel super anxious about it– like somehow they’ll move if I don’t talk to them, but I also always worry I’ll somehow hit the wrong dialogue option especially when Joy-con drift is such an issue.

I gave Peanut a bow too. I’m trying to flush out some of the clothes she got on her old island– some are nice, but others I just don’t think look that great. And sadly, Isabelle’s option to talk about what they are wearing only effects custom designs. It’d be really nice if we could play around with our villager’s wardrobes.

Finally, Mira asked about her catch-phrase which I told her to keep.

Honestly, the only ones I’ll actually be changing are Teddy’s (done), Diana’s (done), and Peanut’s.


Day 132

We’re in a heat wave right now so I can’t spend a lot of time where the game systems are at the moment nor my computer. I finally got to play that evening and was surprised to see Gullivarrr here again.

I also gave Diana a Jumpsuit– I really love how it turns to dresses on the Villagers and I wish we could have this option too somehow. I like my dresses.

Besides that, the Update 2 trailer went out and well, it’s nice that Dream Suite is officially confirmed to be back along with the Fireworks Festival, but I still don’t really like the whole “oh hey thing that was already a feature is now returning in a later update” thing.

I would guess maybe some of the items you can get from Redd’s Raffle will be new (and I guess it’s a raffle instead of fortune cookies this time), but I suppose we’ll see.

I kind of hoped maybe the Mermaid Fence could be part of the second update, but it doesn’t look like it unfortunately… I’m guessing we’ll get the next update video mid to late September in time for October.


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