Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 154-182 and Pin-pointing the Problem

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A quick summary (as not all will be listed below)

  • Day 154 – Labelle was back with a new fashion challenge– Vacation theme again. I got a pair of shorts from her this time.
  • Day 156 – Regular Gulliver was here again! I only need to help him (or Pirate Gullivarrr) one more time for the Nook Miles thing, but regular Gulliver so many more for some of his clothing…
  • Day 157 – Did a lot of cataloging.
  • Day 158 – The Bug-off happened. Just one stamp left to go…
  • Day 160 – Due to Saturday and Sunday being busy, K.K. ended up performing today. I also finally got Flurry’s photo! Just Maple and Peanut to go…
  • Day 162 – Buzz is camping here today.
  • Day 167 – Labelle is back again. She wants a Party theme this time.
  • Day 170 – It’s officially September 1st, but… I already finished things I needed to catch thanks to Southern Hemisphere friends. There are nice new decorations though for the Nookling shop.
  • Day 171 – Our newest camper: Alli. Celeste was also here plus Gulliver which let me finally finish the Nook Miles achievement…. I’ll still have to bother with normal Gulliver until I catalog all his clothing, but at least I can put my diving suit away now.
  • Day 172 – I got Peanut’s Photo! I’m surprised I somehow got it before Maple’s though.
  • Day 174 – I got Maple’s Photo! Now I finally have everyone’s :D Still can’t decide what to do with the photos of villagers who moved out though… Unfortunately, I ended up missing K.K.’s Concert*
  • Day 176 – The Moon Rug is out!! And thus, my rugs are completed once more.
  • Day 177 – I got to catalog at Leo’s. Mira also tried to do the treasure hunt last week and again this week, but I still have no where for them to bury anything and I keep forgetting to remove something before talking to them…
  • Day 178 – I catalogged at Sami’s today. Thanks to her and Leo, I’m at under 1,500 Clothing items left @-@ Every small step really helps.
  • Day 181 – I managed to see K.K. Slider today at least. It’s nice when there’s a good amount of villagers there.

I had wanted to wait until something particularly big happened, but now I barely have reasons to check each day and I’m unfortunately finding myself even more conflicted with the game. Before we get into that, some screenshots from the last few weeks:

My outfits for Labelle:

I did some small adjustments to the bathroom.

The real highlight over these last couple of weeks is I managed to get the rest of my Villager photos.

I am kind of confused how I got Peanut’s before Maple’s though.

I had some really nice mail from villagers too.

I do wish I had an off-shore storage for mail :/ I actually need to try and go through my saved mail as I somehow hit the max in storage, but I like to try and keep one of each stationery plus special mail (like from Mom) and I don’t know what I’m going to do now.

As mentioned above, I had nothing to really do for September, but I loved some of the Fall changes and the weeds are nice.

And our K.K. Slider groups…

And thanks to Leo, I got the Winter outfit I’ve wanted for so long.

Finally, I just wanted to share this nice picture with Flurry.

While Cherryblossom season is my favorite in the game, I do wish I could also have these clouds.

Regardless, this has unfortunately been how I feel playing ACNH lately:

It took me a long time to even put this entry together, despite not much happening, and a lot of that is a combination of when I missed K.K.’s concert and getting the last villager photo I needed. I don’t really have much of a reason to check in beyond hoping for specific villagers for certain Nook Miles things… And that’s when it kind of super dawned on me: The lack of control.

It’s so weird that a game that tried to give us so much freedom in terraforming has felt the most restrictive for me. I think it’s partially due to missing so many pre-existing items and never knowing when it’ll come but like… even the game’s achievement system. Cataloging is so much more convoluted now, for example.

But also just… everything with Nook Miles. While some are the same as they were for the medals in New Leaf, many become much more complicated with tool durability. I struggled a lot with the catching lots of bugs and fish. What got me through were days where I felt especially motivated and just kind of zoned out into doing them.

But I can’t do that in this game because eventually, my tool will break and I’ll have to either buy another or make another and maybe gather things for more… And like, even if I buy a whole round of tools, they still may break before I wanted to be done. It’s an exhausting cycle and completely ruins any kind of relaxing feeling I would have.

And like with K.K., normally I could just… go to concerts all night and visit friends after or vice versa and we could have enough concerts within like… a few weeks… but here, I would need to see every concert in about 2 years. I can barely find much of a reason to play daily right now, let alone for more than a year.

This even carries over a bit to other NPCs where you need to see several of them 20 times at least (you still need Gulliver 30 times for the golden shovel) to finish their Nook Miles thing. Gracie and Katrina were the only ones you still really needed to randomly wait for in order to finish something in the game, but Gracie only needed to be seen four times if you succeeded each time and Katrina needed 20 fortunes which is a lot, but counted your friends and other villagers and again, just… let you do more than just wait and hope. Not to mention actually knowing where to find them and villagers telling you much sooner if they’re around. Wisp is honestly my lowest because I don’t play often after 7PM and I can’t always manage to find him anyway. There’s also no guarantee he’s even showing up that day or any way to figure it out.

It’s like everything I want to do is forced into the mold of what they expect and slowly cranked out in the speed they want… A game that I felt relaxed playing and working towards goals suddenly feels heavy and overwhelming. I think this time completing my catalog will truly be my last goal for the game and that genuinely breaks my heart.

I don’t want to say this will be the last ACNH entry, but I do think it may be a long while before I really have anything more to say sadly.