Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 261: THE BEST ITEMS…

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(Disclaimer: Some of these photos may be a bit before or after December 1st!)

December is finally here!! And there’s a few reasons I’m excited… For one, I love Christmas a lot. I also love snow. It’s just a fun time of year for me. But as for in-game, the Dung Beetle will be around once there is finally snow on the ground and that will complete my museum!

The first of the month also brought our latest gift from our Mom, a sweater in the Northern Hemisphere, and some new decorations!

I still love the little Snowman in Nook’s Cranny. I want it.

Not to mention Toy Day should be fun and I can work on building Snowpeople (which is less a positive, but I must for the Nook Mile… I’ll do my best to make room for them), but the biggest best thing? THE NEW (or in some cases, returning and newly upgraded) TOYS.

(Just ignore that some of the stuff they sold were also toys I guess)

And most importantly, as you can also see above, THE PUPPY PLUSHIE. LOOK AT IT.

I also very quickly added some others in the house.

I would’ve loved to fit one of each inside the house, but I just couldn’t make it look nice. This was maybe the closest that looked decent, but the room already has space issues:

I did, at the very least, make sure to have one of each outside.

Along with placing some of the other toys as well.

Besides toy placement, I did place more of those Turkey Day garden stands too! I really like them a lot. Part of me still wants to find more places for them.

Also I really do adore being able to sit with my villagers, but also I fee like a campfire on the plaza may not be the best idea.

Finally, while we still don’t have snow on the ground, rain itself is now snow which means I can bust out my adorable Winter outfit.

The fact that the shade of pink for the coat isn’t the same as the shoes kills me a bit, but it’s still pretty cute.

Regardless, besides dressing up myself, I noticed all the Villagers changed into some Winter gear when it started snowing which I thought was really cute.

They even would wear items you gave them if they’re Winter clothing themed so I’m tempted to try and give out more to villagers who’s outfits I think are a bit odd color-wise.

Finally, the Japanese Animal Crossing site added some fun borders to use with the new ability to send photos from your Switch to mobile! So, I went ahead and did a photo with each one:

(Special thanks to Harvey’s Photo Studio where nearly all of these photos were taken :P)