Animal Crossing: New Horizons – February 15th, 2021: Festivale!

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So, it’s officially the 15th which means it’s Festivale today in the Animal Crossing world!

Thanks to some friends in other time zones who had the event start when it was last night for me, I actually managed to get a few items already which is nice.

They sent some feathers too, but I’m going to do my best to try and catch some as well.

Besides what I still need for cataloging purposes, the Festivale item colors I still am hoping to get to keep that I haven’t gotten yet are (Crossed off as I went along):

  • Festivale Balloon Lamp – Red
  • Festivale Balloon Lamp – Blue
  • Festivale Balloon Lamp – Rainbow
  • Festivale Parasol – Red
  • Festivale Parasol – Blue
  • Festivale Parasol – Rainbow
  • Festivale Flag – Blue
  • Festivale Flag – Rainbow
  • Festivale Garland – Blue
  • Festivale Garland – Rainbow
  • Festivale Stall – Blue
  • Festivale Stall – Rainbow
  • Festivale Drum – Blue
  • Festivale Drum – Rainbow
  • Festivale Lamp – Blue
  • Festivale Lamp – Rainbow

Of those, the only extras I have onhand to recolor are a Drum, Stall, and a Lamp. That’s it. I don’t have any other spares. Though, I apparently got extras of the Purple Stage twice…

And I’ll be honest, just between the information from datamines, friends who have started the event already (as timezones), and the way getting items from the shop worked (Color locked by town, only one can be purchased each day so you can barely trade with friends (Sure, you can get up to 6 extras if you pop on each day, but it doesn’t mean they’ll be the same things your friend gets), and they can’t be reordered) along with the fact that the items require Rainbow Feathers to be customized and I already felt anxious and frustrated right from the start.

At minimum, if I somehow managed to get all the different colors of the other items (whether through the event itself or by working with friends who didn’t want them or buying from other players), I would still need 9 Rainbow Feathers to recolor everything (not to mention an extra to keep since you can wear them). And like… they’re rare to even show up for catching and while there is a DIY for it you get from Pave, crafting requires you getting one of each other color feather (so 9 of each color on top of any you may want for other reasons) and you also need 3 Rainbow Feathers for Pave to essentially get the only exclusive thing outside of the Rainbow Feather DIY (and apparently have to give him a bunch of feathers before he even asks for the 3 for that…) and just… like that would be rough enough, but why do the feathers only stack to 3??? RAINBOW FEATHERS DON’T EVEN STACK AT ALL :| And one stack of the other feathers equals one of the furniture items. Removing the three extras I have, there’s 13 total items I would still need (and who knows how many I may need for the ones I want Rainbow) and that adds up to 39 Feathers minimum X-x

It’s just such a pain in the worst ways right from the start. I just hope the Feather spawning rate isn’t as bad as some of the catching seasonal ones has been x__x I have a whole lot of feathers to catch after all.

At the very least, I sort of dressed-up. I don’t really like the Festivale outfits (seriously, why is the more feminine outfit sleeveless?), but the headdress is cute so hopefully this is festive enough.

Unfortunately, I learned Pave wouldn’t approve so for the second event now, I had to once again change my outfit and have my poor character freeze in another sleeveless dress because for some reason so many dresses are only available sleeveless:

Finally, the 15th officially rolled over and with some items down and some feathers already given by Friends, I really hoped it would go well and not be too bad despite my concerns.

Unfortunately, my optimism was short-sighted and I’m so thankfully for the feathers I was given ahead of time by friends who already done the event because I don’t know if I could’ve dealt with it otherwise.

Regardless, before I spoke to Pave, I went and spoke to my villagers… Unfortunately, there was really only one dialogue per personality type.

As for Teddy, despite trying many times, he was just always in his house. I eventually just went and spoke to him and honestly, the first part through me off.

I did finally catch him later when on the way to mail friends some extra stuff.

Meanwhile, Pavé is just as you remember– very excited and his love of dance continues to shine through.

He also gave me the Rainbow Feather DIY.

I ended up catching a Purple Feather first, followed by a Rainbow that was pretty much floating right on top of the Purple… After that, I caught a Red, then a Blue, and finally a Green.

You could also trade Villagers for feathers– whatever color they were wearing is the type of feather they were looking for. Unfortunately, you had no control over what they offered in return.

Regardless, with a Rainbow Feather in hand, it was time to talk to Pavé.

While he would generally take just one Rainbow to give you a Rainbow color variation of the furniture, you needed a stack of 3 of any other color for the respective colored Festivale furniture item (Which was given out a bit random– what you have didn’t effect it, though, if you managed to give enough for 9 items, it should get you the whole set.. He won’t duplicate until after giving out the 9). One thing I liked was how he’d throw out the appropriate colored feathers and say something different based off which color you gave.

After giving him many feathers, he eventually asked me for 3 Rainbow Feathers in exchange for something special.

I still had plenty from what Leo had given me so I had the three right away since I had been trading in for some of the Rainbow items. And thus, Pavé broke into his Super Rainbow dance.

As nice as it is, I don’t really have anywhere to put the Float. The only idea I had for it that could have maybe worked is a block too small.

As for the other Festivale items, I still pretty much kept them more beach focused.

I also ended up putting the Rainbow Lamp in the Grove area later as I thought it kind of fit.

To be honest though, this event was just… exhausting. I felt completely wiped after finishing it and that was with help. The net I bought specifically for the event broke at one point (which just increased my anxiety over the tool durability), constantly getting items I didn’t need was frustrating (At least with some other events up to this point, if they noted you already had something, they wouldn’t give it to you again until the rest of the items were given), and it just… added up so fast.

To get a full set, if you had nothing, would take 27 feathers of the same color. Sure, you could recolor them if you didn’t like any and just kept recoloring, but you’d need 13 Rainbow Feathers per set which sure, you can catch if they show up (though they’re rarer than the rest) or craft them with one of each of the other four colors which then adds up to 52 feathers. That is so many feathers.

I feel like I’d have been less frustrated if the items could be bought multiple times at least from friend’s so you could work together each day if they couldn’t just be re-ordered… Or like just the Rainbow furniture being exclusive to Pavé and could be gotten for certain feather amounts overall with him giving other colors (and more Rainbow) once you have the entire Rainbow set. I feel like New Horizons has been better at, when it comes to final item things, making it a bit clear-cut your job and getting everything without constantly hoping for RNG to be kind, but Pavé has so many random RNG elements and it just got exhausting.

Not to mention after giving Pavé a certain amount of feathers, he’d once again ask for 3 more Rainbow Feathers for another float and whether you want another float or not, you would be unable to give him more feathers until giving him those 3 Rainbow ones. That absolutely sucks. Are there people who maybe want more than one float? Sure, absolutely, but I 100% feel there were better ways to do it. Like once you hit that amount, have Pavé ask if you have 3 Rainbow Feathers for him or just 1… It’s that simple over forcing us to get 3 Rainbow Feathers to proceed every time we hit a certain amount of feathers given.

I really don’t think I would’ve finished without help from friends. And even with that help, I still ended up with the following extras (as a note: Some of these have already been sent to friends):
-2 Purple Confetti Machines
-1 Blue Confetti Machine
-1 Rainbow Confetti Machine
-1 Float
-1 Blue Drum
-1 Blue Flag
-1 Blue Lamp
-1 Blue Stage
-2 Purple Stages
-1 Rainbow Stage
-1 Purple Parasol

I also ended up going through nearly all my Blue Feathers and only had 2 Rainbow Feathers left. I didn’t really have to use any Purple or Green as Purple was my island’s color and I was able to catalog the green from a friend, but I had awful luck with getting the Blue items. I thankfully got lucky with the Red at least.

As for some other things after I poked back in to send stuff for friends… For one, as per usual, some of the NPCs were wearing an event hat:

And it was fun seeing everyone hanging out and dancing.

I also updated my Dream Suite with some of the items added from Festivale… I’m still not satisfied with the Balloon Lamp placement though, but still can’t think of anything better :/

For now, I’m just… really tired. I don’t know what to expect next, but I hope it’s less hectic.