Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Hinamatsuri Items and Sanrio’s full return!

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I was originally planning to make this post on Monday (or Sunday night) when the Mario items (and Pi Day Pie) would be available as there wasn’t too much to say regardless of how much as I adore the Hinamatsuri items with the Hinaningyo being my favorite item since the original Animal Crossing and very special to me. I’d really love to own one in real life one day T~T

However, Nintendo ended up dropping quite the announcement today with confirmation that yes, with the Sanrio Amiibo Cards finally releasing in North America and getting a reprint in the UK and Japan, the Sanrio Villagers and items will be returning as a lot of people hope and hypothesized:

On one hand, I’m happy to see them here… On the other hand, I have no idea how and where I’m going to fit things.

I had already spent a lot of time making room for the Hinaningyo in preparation for the Hinamatsuri items. Like I re-arranged the bedroom so many times:

While waiting for the update to hit, I did a few adjustments in other parts of the island as well.

I’m still not entirely sure if the Festivale Balloon Lamps will stay there or not, but I haven’t found anywhere better yet…

I also finally managed to finish Wisp’s Nook Miles Stamp. This was the last more RNG-related one so it’s nice to have finished it.

Then the update was here and while I waited for online to come back up, I tested out the Mushroom Mural in my “yard” area. It’s cute, but not something I’ll end up using at any point.

And finally, when online hit, thanks to so many great friends from other time zones who sent one over, my favorite item was back:

For those who are unaware of why I like the Hinaningyo so much, besides that it’s really pretty, it’s one of the items I was most fascinated with in the original Animal Crossing game and is actually the item that got me interested in Japanese culture and learning so much about all the various festivals and holidays, among other things. While I’ve always wanted to travel and learn languages and try different foods, it’s the item that really made me become interested in the cultural part as well. I’d love to own one in real life one day.

Continuing along, the other Hinamatsuri item was the Blossom Lanterns which I ended up setting up in various places near my Zen area.

I did experiment with other areas too along with considering switching certain things out, but it just didn’t work as well as what I was already doing.

And then with it officially turning over to the 25th, Spring arrived as well.

But like I said, just as I thought maybe I’d have a bit before the craziness of March, the Sanrio trailer hit and I’ve been essentially scrambling since. Besides just wondering where I’m going to fit things I really want to use, I also find myself wondering how it’s all going to work. Will the items be available for everyone as soon as the update hits March 17th/18th*? How will you even GET the items? Will they just be part of your catalog for scanning a specific Amiibo or part of the promotions section of Nook Shopping? Do you need to scan each one for all the items? Will each villager give two posters now or just the Sanrio Collaboration ones and not actually have their own special poster? Or will their posters overwrite the old ones? Can you tell I’m getting way too anxious over this?

*I feel it’s important to note that the update is a little over a week before the reprints of the cards actually release. Or maybe that’s just the USA’s release date. I actually own the cards from the original UK release so I really want to get my Amiibo Cards back out before all this :( Stupid moving… Though, I do hope to get a North American set from Target just to match my other cards. I really hate exclusives though, especially in the time of the pandemic and tons of scalpers.

Despite my numerous concerns and questions, I did start preparing ahead such as moving things around to fit the Tranquil Bridge in the Zen Garden:

I’m hoping to fit the Stone Lantern somewhere here too…

I also moved some things around at the Cafe for some of the Cinnamoroll items.

There’s so many other items I want to fit in (and a few Mario stuff as well), but most of it will have to wait until they arrive or are just full switching out.

I think the one thing that I found frustrating though is a lot of my ideas for the interior would be fine if all rooms were at least 8×8… But they’re not. I’d like to think the My Melody Chair would’ve been really cute on the other side of the porch if I had the room…:

Despite the construction though, I did update my Dream Suite today! So feel free to check it out: DA-2045-8323-2479

In the meantime, I just really hope I can manage to fit everything I’m hoping to… But please Nintendo give us those house expansions… T__T