Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 11 and 12

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Day 11

As I headed into Resident Services, Tom Nook explained how the camp site caused the tourism of the island to increase and that they were getting even closer to the goal of K.K. performing. We just had to reach 3 Stars. Isabelle was especially optimistic.

Knowing I had to continue to make the island better, I decided to create my first incline.

I really wish there were more ramp styles.

I stopped by some friends after that and decided to get back to Nook Miles Islands. To my surprise, the first island I ended up arriving on was a Hybrid Flower island fully of hybrid lilies! Zell was also here BUT PINK LILIES.

Unsurprisingly, I filled my pockets and covered my front yard in a sense.

I also started decorating a bit near Resident Services.

I also equipped one of the Pink Lilies I picked.

Regardless, after visiting making another return to Southern Hemisphere friends and continuing to contribute to the museum (now fully upgraded), it was time to get back to my island search journey…

  • Island 2 – Pancetti
  • Island 3 – Static
  • Island 4 – Norma
  • Island 5 – Cookie!!

And upon arriving back in Pink Sea, I made her the plot was properly updated.

With that done, we celebrated the brand new bridge being finished.

I also continued to work on the upstairs room a bit.

Finally, to finish off the day, I managed to catch a Peacock Butterfly and also organized my flowers a bit in hopes to breed more pink ones!

Day 12

Merengue was officially moved in. Well, she was still unpacking, but…

The Able Sisters shop was done building.

I got to see Celeste at a friend’s town!

Mira also taught me a new reaction.

I also paid off another incline, visited friends, gave some tickets to Saharah, got a cute dress, and Mira said some really kind words too.

It was then back to islanding in hopes of finding my next dream villager!

  • Island 1 – Chester
  • Island 2 – Lyman
  • Island 3 – Mac
  • Island 4 – Rooney
  • Island 5 – Elvis
  • Island 6 – Del
  • Island 7 – Barold
  • Island 8 – Snooty
  • Island 9 – Camofrog
  • Island 10 – Flurry!!

I quickly went to confirm Flurry was indeed going to be moving in.

This put me in a bit of a predicament now though. I only have one Villager spot left and my focus was on Judy. It’s not that I necessarily liked her best– she was tied with my other 7 favorites. They are the Great 8 of Favorites. But… she doesn’t have an Amiibo Card. Any other villager I could try and move in when ready, but with Judy, I either needed to find her or hope I’d get her from someone else.

But I’d feel awful passing on a villager I love just because they have an Amiibo Card so my best bet now was to just hope I could maybe catch someone selling her or giving her away.

Moving on, it was time to celebrate the Able Sisters opening!

Plus another new incline.

And I finally got a tiara!

Besides that, most of the rest of the day I worked on redecorating a bit.

I also got some flowers from friends and I caught a Coelacanth!

I also finally learned how to make a Shell Fountain and got a Shell Arch as well!

Finally, I ended up helping out Wisp…

…And making wishes over at a friend’s place, along with talking to Celeste again!

And that finishes up days 11 and 12 :)