Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 1.10 Update things!

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While I could have posted this when the update released in late April, I wanted to wait until actually going through most of the new things that were added. As most people have felt, the update is a bit underwhelming, but I’m not really surprised and I’m expecting a lot of similar updates this year with just new additions to existing content. That said, with E3 in June, I wouldn’t be surprised if a big update was being saved for something around there, especially as it’s likely when we would get a new update announcement with only a few new seasonals for July left in the 1.10 release.

In all honesty, I don’t mind the update too much– my biggest issue is just in the way Seasonal items work altogether and all the issues that stem from the new time-locking system (even as someone who does not time travel). I think what hits me the most though is I really love the Nuptial Bell, but what it’d be perfect for is something I just can’t do.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not particularly proud of my island in New Horizons. Very little came out how I envisioned and every step of the way, I hit a new problem I just wasn’t able to plan for. I feel it’s important to mention that I do LIKE everything on my island so it’s not a simple “just remove what you don’t like”– it’s just that nothing really came out the way I wanted to and almost everything had to be compromised from my own vision and I feel like it shows.

The biggest victim has easily been the Waterfall Shrine which what I wanted was closer to my campsite in Pocket Camp (though, on a smaller scale) and instead what I got was a tiny stream. And that Bell would’ve been the perfect centerpiece.

Essentially, unless Nintendo added an option to be able to increase our Island size (and if so, I would love a drag and drop thing or something because manually moving everything would suck) or a change to cliffs/waterfalls work (The tier system is WHY I ran into so many issues– it’s one thing when you plan for 1-2 blocks, but when what you wanted to do takes up 4-6, it’s no wonder you suddenly don’t have room), I’ll never be able to do it. And I’ve gone over things over and over like if I moved certain things more to the right, but it’s just not possible. Something else would get messed up or ruined.

I have one idea that could MAYBE work, but it’s risky and that’s where the Auto save issue comes in. I can’t just play around and reset it– I’d have to redo everything if my idea is wrong. And it could be! And even then, while it could give me what I want, it would essentially be backwards and that could still be incredibly stupid. And it’s just frustrating because maybe if these items were in from the start, I could’ve figured out something to begin with over having something I’m already attached to and it’s why I hate the way they’re doing updates for New Horizons. I’m not a “what can I remove” person– I’m a “where could I fit this” person and the answer is, at this point, nowhere and it kills me. I even played around with mock-ups at Photopia, but I would need roughly 7×7 or 8×8 just to place the items, not even accounting for the waterfalls and surrounding water areas. And I don’t have that anywhere. The only possible place it could maybe fit is if I took down the Zen area, but I really like it so that isn’t going to happen.

It just really sucks to not only be unhappy with my island, but also not be able to manage things I hoped to do from the start for one reason or another. I don’t dislike anything enough to change it (And the autosave system also makes it so I don’t really want to experiment either). I also don’t want to ruin my island by terraforming it entirely and destroying its charm. New Horizons has been cited as being the most “creative” entry and yet I’ve never felt more stifled in that department by this series as I do right now.

Moving onto actual update details, I played around with one of the Children’s Day items, though, I think it’s a bit too big for me to actually keep there.

I was also really excited for the May Day Maze’s return. It was one of my favorites from last year and I was thrilled to check out the new maze… I still wish we could do more than one though.

I was surprised that they actually set it up so you could get stuck this time, but I did manage to figure it out and even made sure to get all the bonuses this time around.

I may or may not have teared up between that and these letters:

I also FINALLY managed to help Gulliver 30 times for the Golden Shovel DIY. A friend gave me theirs a while back as they didn’t care about actually having the recipe, so I already had it, but it was still nice to earn it.

The next event was a return of the Museum Stamp Rally. While much of it was the same, the new Art Wing was also included this time.

Moving to the new Wedding items, as already mentioned, I really liked the Bell, but honestly, the Flower Basket is super cute too.

I also ended up switching Merengue’s, Flurry’s, Marina’s Doorplates… Or more accurately, just Merengue’s and giving Flurry and Marina new ones as while I think the Snowflake and Shell Wreaths fit them best respectively, as they are considered “Seasonal”, they unfortunately get removed after a while… I am hoping despite these technically being Wedding items, they may stick around anyway. As for why Marina’s is just the regular heart, I felt she needed more pink to match her interior since her house’s exterior doesn’t match at all.

I did end up doing the Wedding Event itself one more time, though, besides some of Reese’s dialogue, not much had changed.

I also took another trip to Ninten, though, not too much has changed.

Besides that, I spent a lot of time talking to my Villagers more. Apparently more lines had been added, though, it had been hard to talk to them much when the first dialogue you see implies that they are tired of talking to you :/ One thing I was surprised about was another personality quest– I hadn’t seen any in so long, I thought I had answered them all. I actually had my husband pick since honestly, I was tempted to just pick the last one.

I also had a request to deliver a package from Peanut to Mira as it was accidentally delivered to her and it turned out the package was for me.

Anyway, some other Dialogue highlights:

And something I suffer with every day:

Finally, more than new items and updates to events, more than anything I’d rather see new features and Quality of Life stuff. It still makes me really sad how many things from Happy Home Designer didn’t make it over. Villagers not really interacting at all with items in Photopia just feels so lifeless.