My Candy Love: Alternate Life – Lysander Episode 3: Deeply Guide

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Because Beemoov will sometimes make some dialogue matter despite any clear indication, I’ve made notes on all options picked that did result in getting an illustration (If nothing is listed, every option worked for the illustration). There may be some LoM requirement as well.

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

Any without one of the symbols above means I don’t know. However, LoM is actually defaulted to 0 in Alternate Life (it does not affect your main LoM at all). LoM will likely still have some kind of effect on future episodes of Lysander’s UL story, but most likely not anything else.

Action Points used: 660-750AP
Illustrations: 2— One Group and one NSFW. Once again, you can only get ONE Illustration per playthrough. You need to replay to earn both.

Money: $180 for Outfit

Outfits: 1

Fairy Gift: Basket of Pastries
AP Used: 10 AP

You can find Auntie at the Farm Entrance before meeting Lysander in the Kitchen for breakfast.

The episode kicks off with Candy waking up in Lysander’s room after hearing water running from the bathroom. He got up extra early as people would be visiting today.

Before heading to the Kitchen to meet with Lysander for breakfast, head outside the house to the Farm Entrance where you can find Auntie. You can go back and forth with the living room if needed.

In the Kitchen, you’ll get your first dialogue choice.

Lysander: Actually, do you want to participate in the tour? You’ll see, it’s fun.

• If it’s similar to what we did yesterday, I’ll read a little instead. -10
• Sure! I told you, I want to spend as much time with you as possible! +5
• Sure, why not. I’ll help you keep an eye on the kids. /

If you agreed to participate in the tour:

Head to the Garden where you can see Oboe the duck again. After some more dialogue, you’ll automatically head to the pasture. Then head back to the Garden where you’ll talk with one of the visitors who feels very likely some kind of cameo.

Visitor: Will we have the pleasure of seeing you again when we return, miss?

• Maybe! I’ll surely be back from time to time! /
• Probably! I’m counting on spending a lot of time here in the future. / (Option picked)
• Unfortunately, I’m leaving at the end of the week. / (Option picked)

After finishing in the Garden, head back to the Living Room to meet back up with Lysander.

If you chose not to participate in the tour:

After some dialogue, make your way to the bedroom. After some monologuing, head to the living room to learn about the Surprise.

This is where the routes will link back up. The surprise is a night on the town back in Amoris. However, you have a choice to have time alone or hang out with everyone else. Whichever you pick will determine your illustration in the end.

Lysander: Or we could spend the evening just the two of us. If you’d prefer that.

• I’ll have plenty of occasions to see the others when I’ll be at school. ⬅ Leads to NSFW Illustration
• I really want to spend some time with Rosa and your brother! / ⬅ Leads to Group Illustration

Note on the Group Illustration: You will still get a “steamy” scene at the end of the episode even if you do not get the illustration. By all accounts and purposes, you probably should be able to, but apparently Beemoov is back on the one illustration only even if you go through everything that would happen for both.

Regardless of which you pick, head to the Bedroom to change. This is where you’ll buy the outfit. After Lysander comes out of the bathroom, you’ll have another choice.

• You know… We can change our plans, for something more… intimate… -5
• So? What do you think? Do like me like this? /
• You’re… you’re very handsome. That looks great on you. +5

You’ll arrive in front of Sweet Amoris and after this is where the paths diverge.

If you picked to see everyone/spend time with Leigh and Rosa:

After some dialogue, make your way to the Shops where you’ll run into Rosa, Leigh, Alexy, and Kim.

Alexy: Yeah, well, we take breaks from time to time…

• What about you, Kim? What have you been up to if you’re not at university? +5 with Kim, / with everyone else
• Yes!!! I can’t wait, it’s going to be so cool! +5 with Rosa and Alexy, / with everyone else
• And you, Leigh? Still at the shop? Is business good? +5 with Leigh, / with everyone else (Option picked)

Then head to the Restaurant:

Lysander: What are you in the mood for? I’ll have to admit that the toasted goat cheese salad sounds good…

• I think I’m going to get the steak tartare, it looks delicious. -5
• I agree… If you want, I’ll get the grilled vegetable salad and we can share. +5 (Option picked)
• Great choice! I’ll have the same thing. /

After more conversation and some Pig Latin, you’ll eventually get another dialogue choice:

Kim: I’m just saying that when you like sports, that guy, well, he had a little something going on.

• (I stay concentrated on my dessert. It’s too weird.) /
• I have nothing against sports, but this time, definitely no. +5 with Rosa and Alexy, -5 with Kim, / with Leigh and Lysander
• I agree. Well, I see what you mean. -5 with Rosa and Alexy, +5 with Kim, / with Leigh and Lysander (Option picked)

After eating, make your way to the Snake Room (the bar/night club). There, you’ll meet up with Castiel. After some more dialogue, you’ll receive an illustration.

Next, make your way to Sweet Amoris to make your way back to the Farm. Then head to bed. Despite the fact that you will miss the illustration, this scene still happens with no option otherwise because Beemoov doesn’t give choices. You will have to read through it no matter what. After, the episode ends.

If you pick to just spend time with the two of you together:

After some dialogue, make your way to the entrance on Anteros Academy. After even more dialogue, head to the Park Entrance.

Lysander: Or I’m not made for it, perhaps.

• I understand. Just after two days at the farm, I’m seeing things differently. / (Option picked)
• I feel like I couldn’t go without it.
• It’s funny, you said almost the exact opposite when we were in high school. / (Option picked)

Next, head into the park. You’ll run into Amber. After more discussion, head to the Restaurant at the shop area.

Lysander: What are you in the mood for? I’ll have to admit that the toasted goat cheese salad sounds good…

• I think I’m going to get the steak tartare, it looks delicious. -5 (Option picked)
• I agree… If you want, I’ll get the grilled vegetable salad and we can share. +5 (Option picked)
• Great choice! I’ll have the same thing.

After some more dialogue, you get another dialogue choice.

• What should we do, should we split the bill? If that’s alright with you…
• (I didn’t say anything. I like the idea of being taken out to dinner.) / (Option picked)
• Hey, let me get this. You’ve welcomed me into your home… It’s normal. -5 (Option picked)

After leaving the restaurant, you’ll have some more dialogue in the Shopping area. He mentions how he had wanted to see Castiel as well and they had plans to meet at the Snake Room, so make your way there.

Castiel: Okay. An alcohol-free beer for Monsieur. And for the lady?

• A soda will be good for me. / (Option picked)
• I’d like to have a cocktail. Can I get a Sex on the Beach? Do they make those? / (Option picked)
• I’ll have the same thing. I’ll be in the car too.

Once the conversation is over, head back to Sweet Amoris to get back home. After heading to the bedroom, Candy and Lysander will talk and it’ll lead to a steamy scene that will eventually get you an illustration. After a bit more dialogue, the episode ends.