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Excitement for Upcoming Things

So firstly, I want to talk about the new video that Nintendo uploaded showcasing the opening for Fantasy Life!

I get more excited everytime I see things for it. The video shows all the different jobs you can be. I’m leaning towards either Wizard or Tailor first–possibly Wizard so I can at least be able to defend myself while getting stuff for tailoring. That said, if I can play with my friends a lot, I may do Tailoring first so I can quickly get a cute dress (hopefully in pink).

Besides that, there was a new trailer for Hyrule Warriors showing off lots of new footage!:

Originally, I was still undecided about the game (though, I love Zelda’s dress), but this managed to make me a lot more interested and even pretty excited. I think Lana is pretty cool (and I do that dadadadada thing too) and I’m excited to see Princess Ruto in as well. I’m hoping because she and Darunia are in, there’s a good chance Saria will be as well. I have no idea who I will play as though right now and I’ll be even more indecisive if Saria is in…but I still want her in :P Ruto’s solo trailer alone makes me really excited to see what they could do with Saria:

(And Ruto’s attacks and stuff look really awesome)

Finally, Sakurai mentioned some neat stuff on Miiverse that makes me even more excited for Smash Bros–the StreetPass feature and the fact that the Tomodachi Life stage will read your data and you could actually see your Miis! So cool T~T

Onto non-Nintendo games… Destiny! I had gotten to play the Beta on the PS4 before having to leave for work. I wish I took a picture of her beforehand, but oh well. Moving on, the game is pretty fun and the story felt interesting. That said, I don’t know if I will pick the game up yet. Ignoring my worries that I may have not picked the best hair for my character due to not being able to rotate in character creation, the biggest thing behind my decision is the lack of a way to play with someone on the same console locally. I don’t care if it’s Split Screen or one screen where the two of you need to stick together. I just want the option. And I haven’t really heard a good reason for it not to be there (Nobody has to be forced to use split screen and I don’t feel it’d ruin the immersion). I played Halo’s entire campaign with a friend of mine and I was really looking forward to playing Destiny with my fiancé–but we don’t have that option unless we get another PS4 and copy of the game. And that just isn’t going to happen. If they ever do add Split-Screen, I may pick it up, but until then… I don’t know yet. If I do grab it, I’d like to pre-order the Limited Edition version, but for now I’m just not sure.


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