Tomodachi Life!

Tomodachi Life is one of those games I’ve been really looking forward to! It was nice to see its name for the North American version along with a release date–June 6th! I was super excited to see a surprise Direct put up and a trailer and made sure to watch them as soon as I got home! If you haven’t seen them yet, I’ve embedded them below.

For those who never heard of the games, it has the cartoon-yness of the Simtown games with the craziness of the Sims–but in Nintendo’s own way. You can’t have families together in apartments, but these characters can get married and start a family and will then live together in an area outside the Apartment place. You help out these various characters by looking into their thoughts and ideas and it’s just super cute.

I was actually super impressed with how well the direct made it look both interesting while capturing the craziness of what the game can be. Some highlights of my favorites:
Every single time Iwata was too busy to talk about the game and Bill’s following commentary :P

Aww… <3 virtualboy
I feel concerned for these people, but laughed anyway.

Rollercoaster! I’m not too fond of them personally in real life, but I just enjoyed the scene.

I hope that dress is available in pink…

I’m really looking forward to making myself, friends, and then kind of doing what I do in the Sims where I may various characters from games and shows I like to see what happens. I can’t wait <3 Other bonus highlights: -The pretty map with Cherry blossoms and fountains <3 -Bill pulling out his 3DS -Super excited for the personality quiz! -This entire show. Was excited during the direct to see they kept it all voiced!

It’s going to be so hard deciding on which room for who…