Mega Audino!


Now, before you go “This isn’t on the Pokemon ORAS site!” as at the time of this, it’s not, it IS up on the website for Korea as is a Mega Slowbro, but that is not what this post is about! (Nor is it about how I didn’t think anything would surpass Mega Diancie or be up there with it)

I love Mega Audino’s design. It is beautiful. I think the colors go together much better than normal Audino (who I do like. I used one in my Gen 5 team and I adore her–definitely one of my favorite Pokemon of Gen 5) and it’s just super cute. Mega Audino reminds me of a White Mage or a Snow Bunny or an Angel or ALL OF THOSE THINGS. Mega-evolving also adds Fairy to Audino’s normal typing and has the Healer ability.

The only thing I dislike about this is that I actually wish this was a new Pokemon. Either a true evolution for Audino or maybe a bit smaller and a pre-evolution. I’m just absolutely in love with this design and I wish it was used for something more than just a temporary evolution. I would’ve loved to collect merchandise of it and make it my new favorite Pokemon and I just know there won’t be much (if anything) of it because it’s just a Mega Evolution and that makes me sad as it’s just a beautiful design and I feel they could’ve done so much more with it.

That said, I’m looking forward to seeing the shiny version of it, but something tells me it won’t beat out my love for the normal version. I’ll be looking forward to mega-evolving my Audino from Gen 5, even if I know the entire time I’ll be wishing it was permanent.

Special bonus: Mikayla, being the awesome person that she is, went and translated the page for me! Here are some highlights (with me plugging in some of the English names of things):
Classification: Hearing Pokemon
Type: Normal/Fairy
Height: 1.5 m
Weight: 32.0 kg
Ability: Healer
Releases healing vibrations that defeats enmity. Healing vibrations are potent to make anyone serene/tranquil. Anyone who comes in contact with the second antennae falls into deep slumber.

* The characteristics of pre-mega evolution are “Healer” or “Regenerator”, but after the mega evolution it’s characteristic becomes ‘healing heart’ and the fairy type is added to it’s types. Defense and Special Defense are strengthened enabling it act as an excellent support during double battles.

Thank you again, Mikayla! <3 Edit: Mega Audino is now officially up on the US website and has a lovely trailer due to being announced at Gamescom: