My Fluffy Life – The Summer Update is here!

So, yesterday morning brought My Fluffy Life’s newest update– for Summer! The update introduces new items (including one new limited store on the laptop), a new side area, and four new minigames. Your little Fluffy can even get a tan. A comparison to how my own Fluffy looked when I started playing the update and when I finished checking things out for now. I have no idea how long the tan lasts though. You can also watch me play through the update over on Youtube.

The first thing I’d recommend doing is checking out the Pool Party store through the laptop. When playing in the Pool area, your Fluffy will wear nothing besides accessories unless they have a bathing suit on– any outfit in the Pool Party store counts as a painting suit. Remember though, you need to wait an in-game day before the items you ordered will arrive! What I usually do ahead of time is have my Fluffy’s energy drained so after ordering, she can go right to bed and wake up to all her new items being there. The Pool Party store contains 15 new items to check out and everything costs Teddy Coins.

The Rollcake Shop and Furniture shop, as of July 29th, also have the new items they were supposed to now! I’m not sure if I like any furniture items more than my current ones (they are very cute though), but I absolutely have a new favorite outfit thanks to the Rollcake Store:

In the end, I did end up changing my table though if only for the cute plush… But I wish I could have them with the table and chair style of the one I was using before:

When you’re ready to start checking out the new minigames, make your way to Gentle Hills which has gotten quite the Summer makeover. The Serene Forest has also gotten a slight update as well.

The first thing you’ll run into is the pool– simply clear the new body of water to enter the pool area where you’ll see other Fluffies hanging out and swimming. There’s also a bottle of sunscreen that you can click to put sunscreen on your Fluffy for increased happiness during the minigame.

To start the game, you click one of the Fluffies swimming to play Beach Ball against in a game that is kind of similar to pong, but you also need to click when the ball gets close to your Fluffy. As far as I can tell, I think it’s impossible for the Fluffy you are up against to lose so you’re essentially just going until you miss the ball.

The next minigame, and the only one you earn Teddy Coins from directly (the other three are all just for happiness), is the ice cream making game that you can access by clicking the ice cream chart. Simply match the ice cream to the picture on the left. You need to click when the ice cream scoop is over the cone. If it’s not the right flavor (or the right flavor for the order needed), simply click when it’s not by the cone to discard the wrong flavor. I do feel bad wasting the ice cream though…

The final game in Gentle Hills is the Juggling game you can access at the Circus Tent. Simply keep clicking the balls to keep them in the air. You start with one, but more will be added over time. You can also head on over to the Serene Forest across the bridge in order to find the Fishing Pole which can be clicked to go Fishing. Just move the fishing line up and down to hook a fish, reel it all the way up, and then click the fish to release it back into the water.

For both the Ice cream and Fishing games, you need to hit the “back” button to exit the games as they have no real “end”. I do wish we could keep some of the fish though… But we’d probably need a really big fish tank.

Anyway, I hope this helps with checking out MFL’s Summer Update! :) I’m not sure how long exactly it’ll last– maybe until Autumn arrives similar to how everything with Spring lasted quite a while and only really the Easter stuff was somewhat more limited.

As a final note, a newsletter has recently been going out to My Fluffy Life players! It always includes a code for an exclusive item so be sure to keep an eye out for those!