My Fluffy Life – Halloween 2022!

Halloween returns in My Fluffy Life and unfortunately, it’s still as difficult as last time, or well, at least for me as someone who really struggles with mini-games and the number of tickets/keys required. The Key minigame isn’t hard of course, but… I can only do repeated clicking so much at a time X-x I did buy some things so I only need 800 more Keys, but do need over 20,000 Tickets for all the items (and even more if you didn’t participate last year).

Like last time, I am offering Teddy Coins for Tickets and also Keys! Feel free to mail me in-game (or comment below) if interested if you are way better at the minigames and clicking repeatedly does not slowly break your wrist.

Of all the Events, Halloween was the biggest grind with items generally costing thousands of tickets and this year isn’t any less complicated with that. Most of all, of the items I haven’t gotten yet, I really want the new Bunny Stuffie and well, really should’ve shopped there first as I don’t think I’ll actually be wearing any of the new items.

In addition to Halloween items for Tickets and Black Keys, there are also new items for sale at two of the regular stores and the Rollcake Store on the Laptop. While the black furniture set isn’t really my thing, the Teddy Bear tempts me to keep this out anyway. I also can’t decide which Teddy Bear I like more.

As mentioned, all old items are back alongside the three minigames. There are no new minigames for Tickets which, if you had trouble with any last year to begin with, may not end particularly well.

With Black Keys, you get them through this new Endless Tower game which I had been excited for… before I realized we kind of just stand there while the wallpaper moves and click photos. I really hoped it would be an exploration thing where you solve puzzles to get to floors and earn keys that way (like maybe 50-100 from a chest or something) over… clicking picture frames that have keys in them.

There’s also new Stickers in the Gachapon– 6 new ones in addition to the 9 from last year for a total of 15. I may try to stock up on more of the cute Bunny plush. That said, it seems there is a bug and the stickers are missing from the inventory now…

Speaking of bugs though, my entire scrapbook ended up resetting :( And trying the new reset save feature didn’t fix it which, putting it lightly, had genuinely broken my heart. I’m glad I made this video recently so it’s all backed up in a sense, but there were a lot of photos I put there that I could like… enlarge to look at better or read the Valentine’s and now they’re just gone. I don’t think I’ll be using the Scrapbook again due to this unless it does get fixed.

Anyway, I’m off to try and farm more Tickets and Keys X-x As mentioned at the start, if you would like to trade some for Teddy Coins, let me know! I’ll update this entry after I’ve managed to get everything.

Edit as of 4:30PM EST on October 30th: The sticker and scrap book glitches have been fixed! Yay :D

Edit as of 10:56AM on November 1st, 2022: A big thank you to everyone who has helped out with the Keys and Tickets! I managed to get all the new items! ^-^ Thank you so so so much.