My Fluffy Life – Christmas 2022!

My Fluffy Life has updated for Christmas 2022 (and a Happy Christmas Eve, 6th night of Hanukkah, Early Kwanzaa and/or belated Winter Solstice for those who celebrate) and in addition to four new sweaters you can get once per in-game day (There’s also plenty more if you didn’t get all the ones from last year!), the Stuffie Making Workshop is back (no new options, but still great if you missed it last year or had more you wanted to make!), Bibu has some new clothing, Flora has new furniture, and a new limited time shop is back on the Laptop along with the usual Laptop Shop updating as well.

The new items are so cute, though, the new locket has to be my favorite.

I also really loved some of the new furniture but will miss my cute flower pillow and Elephant friend. Why can I not have all the plushies with the cute furniture…

The Gachapon also adds some brand new ornaments. I hope I managed to get them all– they’re very cute… but also more Teddy Bears to taunt me that I cannot hug and display on my Stuffie shelf.

There’s also one new minigame where you can make a very cute Snow Teddy:

That said, while there isn’t much new with the event outside of a few new items (For those who weren’t here last year, you can also get a present from the tree as well once per in-game day, if there are any, along with putting up letters and ornaments– I talk about it all in this post) and being able to make an adorable Snow Teddy, the big updates this time are actually new features!

For one, better Scrap Book organizing. You may have noticed it in the screenshot above, but we can now bookmark pages with a paperclip. We can also choose what diary pages can be read by anyone (if any) or even just friends or specific friends. You can also keep it private which is the default setting.

There’s also an option to let guests or friends write on a page so you can set designated Guestbook pages which I think is really fun! Guestbooks aren’t really common on websites anymore, but they have a special place in my heart.

The bookmark option is especially helpful, as I’ve had to click through a lot now to get to newer pages. That said, there does seem to be a slight bug with them right now where after I placed them and closed my scrapbook, the next time I opened it, I have been unable to change who can view a page or if a page can be written on like a guestbook as clicking the options causes the game to immediately crash. I hope this will be fixed soon though!

Of course, you may be wondering how you can even view others’ scrap books or write in them as a Guestbook anyway… You can now visit each other’s houses! I’m really excited about this especially. Unfortunately, NPC houses don’t seem to be open right now, but I hope they will be soon. Especially if it makes it a bit easier to access those NPC questlines.

I’ve set up one guestbook page for now which you can get to immediately through the second paperclip bookmark in my Scrapbook! I wanted to set the next two as guestbook pages as well, but due to the bug, I can’t right now unfortunately. My newest page (the one you see above for Christmas) also can’t be viewed publicly for the same reason ^^; But as soon as this is fixed, I’ll be setting those up.

And as always, you can check out my video over on Youtube too!