Tomodachi Life: Newest DLC and Recent Happenings

So, today is the 16th which means the newest Tomodachi Life SpotPass DLC is out:

The Hats Uniform (the outfit they wear when working at the Hat shop). It will be available until the end of the month and comes in White, Yellow, Black, and Purple.

Things have still been rather quiet (partially because I can’t play as much as I’d like to), but Romance has still managed to continue on Pink Sea Island starting with Michiru and Haruka getting married:

They weren’t the only ones to tie the knot though. Professor Layton and Claire did as well (BECAUSE THEY DESERVE HAPPINESS):

As did Emi and Z:

Plus, some new babies were born:

Abigail–who has already grown up and is now waiting to be picked up.

And Harper who will be sent off as well. If I can anyway… it is really starting to get full as I really need to manage to streetpass more people with this game… :

The hard part with Tomodachi Life is it relies even more on the other person even once you StreetPass them. I haven’t heard from several of the children I have sent off which is actually REALLY disappointing to be honest.

And then some fun day to day things… Such as cooking and hanging out outside:

And blowing Bubbles:

Plus the easiest question ever:

And getting the final dessert I needed!

I don’t have too much left now to collect… All the interiors left are monthly ones so it’s really just the other shops I need to check. The Main issue is the Special Food and last two Collection items as they both require StreetPass and I am just having no luck with it at all.

Random News Reports and Birthdays:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!