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Smash Brothers 3DS Thoughts

To be clear, this is not a review. I’m planning to review the games together, though, Zero Reviews will be writing up an individual review. I already spoke about the characters/roster though so I won’t be mentioning those here.

More or less, I do enjoy the game, but there’s several features I either don’t care for or are missing that make me pretty sad.

I do not like the Target Blast mode at all. I’ve always had bad aim, sometimes a character’s attack will launch, sometimes not, it just has so many issues. I’d like the mode if it was a bit different, but the timer and etc. just makes me frustrated and not really enjoy it.

Similarly, the StreetPass mode is okay, but not my favorite. I still haven’t quite figured out the countering and both that and the amount of hits are required for certain Challenges. I know there’s hammers that can break them (and it’s part of what they are for), but there’s only so many. And I’m honestly sad the challenges are back.

I’m sure I mentioned it before, but I wish Smash Run wasn’t wireless only.

One of the things I miss the most though is the Item Frequency options. I love making it rain down Pokeballs and that’s not in the game at all. Maybe it’ll be in the WiiU version but…

But yes, in summary: For a Smash Brothers game, I do like it. It’s fun just like the rest. I enjoy all the stages. Unfortunately, a lot of the new modes and the way certain things work is just really disappointing to me.


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