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Smash Brothers 3DS thoughts continued

I realized my last post made it seem like I really disliked the game which really isn’t true. I am enjoying it a lot (even if it worries me everytime I close it by needing to restart…) so I wanted to talk about some of the things I’m enjoying:
-I truly find most of the levels a lot of fun. The only one I do not care for is Reset Bomb Forest. I find the way it changes to be cruel (and depending on where you are standing, you could be stuck with dying) and the Meta Knight color scheme I use blends into the background.
-And I want to just state that I don’t personally have any issues with details/playing the game on a normal 3DS -except- with that stage with the Meta Knight I prefer using.
-Jigglypuff looks super cute in her ribbon.
-Trophy Rush is a lot of fun even if it hurts for me to play after a while.

In general, I do think it’s a good game. I’ve also been enjoying playing All Star mode with my fiancé–the fact that we get both trophies is really nice and it helps for when I may not be very good with a character while he is and vice versa. I wish we could do Classic Mode together too.

While I’m still not fond of the Challenge System (SUCH AS THE EVILNESS OF PAGE 3), I do think some of the challenges have been fun. Except page 3’s. Page 3 sucks.

I think this is also the first Smash where I’ve liked so many new characters. While they do not beat out my main characters (Kirby and Jigglypuff), there’s a lot more characters I enjoy playing this time around. I’m still a bit sad about certain color schemes (White Mage Robin being male only for example), but maybe we can get more in the future.

I don’t except to finish all the challenges, but I’d like to at least get all the trophies. I did finish unlocking Mii stuff though so:

I expected more outfits honestly, but I think they still look cute… I don’t really have a favorite type though. I think each one has good moves.

I also finished Classic mode with everyone:

Hoping to get All Star done soon.

Finally, as I’m sure most know by now, the North America release date for Smash Brothers for the Wii U was announced and confirmed to be the rumored November 21st which I’d be more excited for if it wasn’t the same day the Pokemon remakes will be coming out. All on the same day, there will be:
-Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
-Smash Brothers Wii U
-Amiibo Figures
-Gamecube Adapter

At the moment, we’re planning to get both Pokemon games, the Gamecube Bundle, and 3 Amiibo figures to start–Link, Peach, and Kirby. Definitely want to get more later though @-@ Just not sure what to do about how crazy that day will be…


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