Tomodachi Life: SpotPass, StreetPass, and Other Events

So, I know I mentioned another StreetPass entry, but I didn’t really get any StreetPass beyond Tomodachi Life. I did “beat” Mii Force, but the ending wasn’t very special and I still have 6 tickets I need to earn so… But regardless, this is all about Tomodachi Life and to start, it’s the 15th which means we’ve received a new item through SpotPass today!:

Pumpkin Suits! Continuing the Halloween trend for the month. It’s available in Yellow, Red, and Pink (Which just changes the stripe–I was hoping for other Pumpkin colors!) and costs $100.

Besides that, as I mentioned we’ve gotten a few more StreetPass Travelers! And not just that, but this also caused many of Pink Sea Island’s travelers to revisit. But yes, we’ll talk about those revisits later… for now, it’s time to go over the travelers from other Islands. I was beyond excited as each boat showed up:

It would be a while, but I did my best to wait for everyone to get to their tent. I was pretty excited with the second group I managed to get though as each happened to be doing something in their tent for once:

Usually the Miis would just be sitting or lying in their tent so I was really excited to see them doing something else. Trinity was especially adorable with her teddy bear (WHY IS THERE NO TEDDY BEAR I CAN GIVE MY MII. WHY. AND WHY MUST IT BE LIMITED TO JUST 8 T~T). Even more so when she went to sleep and her Teddy Bear received a sleeping bag too:

I hope some of my Travelers do that.

That wasn’t the only thing this set of campers showed me though. Besides getting a few more dishes:

Irene asked if she could tell Reese about her adventures. I said yes and it was a pretty neat conversation:

Irene also left me a letter (with a Copper coin!) before she headed to the pier:

The next set of Campers didn’t do anything new, but still received a letter from one of them with another Copper Coin:

Now I just need the Tissue Package and I will finally have all the Treasures T~T

Collage of Photos the travelers took:

I’m really happy I managed to get several new dishes along with several new outfits (though, most were new colors) such as Nike’s new outfit:

(Her QR code has been updated!)

And Emi’s:

Also, please enjoy my Mii talking about some of the dishes I managed to get:

(Yes, Feta is that good)

Now that we’re done talking about StreetPass, let’s talk about some of the other events that have been happening. First of all, My Look-a-like decided to set up Mimi and Kendall together:

Obviously, it worked!

Similarly, Ciel finally managed to get Cyrus and Reese together:

Of course, not everyone needing Match making. Ran decided to ask Brock out:

He said yes!

Shortly after though, Professor Oak tried to ask Ran out:

He was rejected though.

Reese, feeling bad for Professor Oak, decided to try to set him up with Setsuna:

It worked!

Brock tried to set up Jenny and Neil, but it didn’t work out:

Plus more children were born:

We also sent off more kids to travel:

And even let others move into the apartments:

We also received many letters from those who have been traveling with photos of them on new islands:

And of course, some of them visiting in person!:

Before we get to the final sections of today’s update, you may have noticed the change in color of the grass in some pictures. Tomodachi Life’s season has updated for Fall changing both the grass and trees:

It really is quite pretty.

Random news reports:

And finally, while not completely Tomodachi Life-related, enjoy these lovely pictures of my Mii hanging out on the Tomodachi Life stage in Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!