In which I talk a bit about the 3DS and Wii U

As most people are aware, Nintendo is disabling the online services for both the 3DS and Wii U tomorrow. Because the eShop being shut down wasn’t enough, I guess. I think most people agree that it stinks to see things slowly lose function/servers, but I think it makes me even sadder when it feels like it’s something still used.

Even recently, I still ended up getting another StreetPass. I don’t think that functionality will be impacted, but it shows people are still carrying it around and playing. I had been asked if I planned to do any send-off or final video of some games or moments from them, but there isn’t really much of a reason for me to.

Everything I’ve wanted to show I’ve already made videos of and I’m not really the type of person to make some kind of clip-show collage of moments, especially one where I know it’d just make me cry anyway. But even if I did want to, my 3DS capture card is unfortunately still broken– I can’t magically solder the two pieces together and I’m not comfortable mailing it in for repairs after making so many memories with it.

I still want to finish the StreetPass games. I want to get my 3DS fixed just for that. Sure, I could do what I did to finish off Ultra Moon, but I really want to have it all properly repaired and working again.

In general, the 3DS is what got me to start really figuring out a use for my main website again and it’s what got me to start sharing my content on Twitch, when non-commentary streams were a lot more commonplace, and Youtube. I have a lot of memories to thank for it and made a lot of good friends and those friendships have continued to the Wii U and Switch.

It even gave me a chance to be part of the Nintendo Creator Program and I got to play Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, Disney Magical World, and Tomodachi Life early along with getting the opportunity to go to E3 twice, even if I was only able to personally attend once. It was still a dream come true in a lot of ways.

But there just doesn’t feel like any true replacement for all the good it brought so seeing yet another part of it being shut down is really disheartening.

I hope I can still get some final things out at some point, even if these features are gone, but I’ll end this here as I’m already feeling especially sad just thinking over all these things, but also what will end up lost from these decisions.