StreetPass Mii Plaza Updates!

As most people may know, StreetPass is one of my all-time favorite features of the 3DS. It’s the reason I take my 3DS everywhere I go in hopes of seeing that green light in the corner. Those games are really what made the purchasing of a 3DS on release day worth it for me so every single time it gets an update, I’m pretty excited. I know some people aren’t fond of having to pay for the games, but I feel all the content they bring is worth it. I would say the iffiest is the VIP Room though. It costs $5 just to have a room for some Miis (though, I suppose it’d be nice to show off your gold pants Miis and other cool Miis you have gotten through StreetPass, but many of them have been long gone sadly) and add the cute Birthday function which I kind of wish was a free update.

I think the main reason for it though is because if you complete your birthday calendar, you apparently will receive “enough tickets as all the games combined”–if this is true, this could be good for people who are having issues completing games or just have no interest in all of them and then the price for it doesn’t seem as bad. I’ve also heard it only has 22 tickets (which would be the same as one game–not every game combined) so I don’t know if the person could be wrong or if Mr. Rabbit confused his English a bit.

While the main focus is the paid content, there are some neat complimentary features for those who prefer just sticking with the free stuff such as new things (hats, costumes, and Speech Balloons) available in the Ticket Shop, a Vault for you to put games in as to no longer be alerted about them, and the ability to re-arrange the plaza icons. As for the paid content, besides the VIP Plaza, there are two new games: Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z.

They cost $5 each, $8 in a bundle or if you bought the games from the previous update, you can get a Thank you Bundle for $7.

Not only that, but you will receive a hat and special speech balloon for each of the new games you buy and the next time you open up the Mii Plaza, you’ll get a few more complimentary speech balloons including one for each of the StreetPass games you may have if you’ve bought any.

As for the new games themselves, I uploaded a video showing gameplay of both games which you can watch below or click here to see:

One of the things I really love about both games are the cutscenes. They are just well done and really exciting.

Ultimate Angler is such a pretty game. I love the cutscenes and different areas. It kind of feels like an upgraded version of Flower Town in some ways between all the different Aquariums you can have and how you can decorate them. What is really nice is it seems you can keep buying more which means you could probably have all the fish unlike with Flower Town where you couldn’t even have one of each type.

Sadly, Ultimate Angler feels a bit more frustrating with what you can get due to two reasons:
1. Shirt colors determine what bait you have (So if you get unlucky, you could actually get no bait you can use at all. While you can mix if you get multiples, that doesn’t guarantee anything… I mixed and caught a can.)
2. You can not switch islands while playing–so if you have 10 people and caught all the ones you can and would like to use the bait elsewhere next, you can’t. And that really sucks.

All fish are let back into the wild once you “leave” as well. Because of that, I need to catch another Black Rockfish… :( So I need to go back to the first area and hope for that.

As for Battleground Z, unsurprisingly I don’t like it as much. I like it in a beat ’em up standpoint, but I reeeeally wish it wasn’t zombies and between the medal achievements and just the kind of challenges there are, I feel like it’ll easily be something I will have trouble with later.

You do get a good sense of achievement for winning though.

I also find the weapons a lot of fun. I wish you could actually keep/upgrade them though like in Monster Manor. The fact that they disappear after each playthrough stinks–especially as I am rather attached to some.

This one is kind of amazing, okay?

But yes, if you enjoy StreetPass and the other games, definitely pick these up too!