Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 (and a bit of Pack 1) Thoughts

To start, I will say I like this DLC more than the first set. The first set wasn’t bad at all, but I just didn’t enjoy it as much. Wario’s Gold Mine being remade is nice and I think Dragon Driftway is really cool, but the only course I really loved was Hyrule Circuit. I never liked SNES Rainbow Road and was happy to see it gone when 8 came out (so not thrilled that it came back) and found Ice Ice Outpost rather boring. Excitebike Arena, Mute City, and Yoshi Circuit were just okay for me–I didn’t dislike them or anything, but nothing particularly stood out for me about them. I don’t regret buying the DLC or anything (I really hope Nintendo will make more DLC packs like this, honestly) and still had fun with it–it’s just nothing really becomes a top favorite for me.

In DLC Pack 2, we already start with more characters I am excited for and would actually play as with Villager (Yay for female one) and Isabelle. They even have the Animal Crossing sound effects which is awesome. I really enjoyed playing the Female Villager and she’s definitely part of the characters I like to play as (My Mii, Peach, and Pink Gold Peach are the other ones). My opinions on the karts are pretty much the same as with DLC Pack 1. I like the City Tripper, but I’m not a Bike Person and it still doesn’t beat out the Prancer Kart for me.

As for the courses, I never cared for Baby Park or Neo Bowser City so I wasn’t thrilled at seeing either of them. Cheese Land is okay, but a bit plain. I love the other courses though. Ribbon Road is amazing and is filled with so many neat Easter eggs and I love the music.
pinkwoolyyoshi teddybearkart
Look at that adorable Pink Wooly Yoshi Amiibo! And the castles! And the big version of the Teddy Buggy! The Teddy Buggy is my second favorite kart in the game. If it was pink, I think I’d have an extremely hard time picking between it and Prancer.

Ribbon Road is definitely my favorite of the pack, but I really love the Animal Crossing tracks, Super Bell Subway, Wild Woods, and Big Blue as well. Winter and Spring are my favorite looks for the Animal Crossing tracks, but I prefer the Winter and Fall versions of the music. I wish we could pick which season we were racing in though–it took longer than I’d have liked to even try all four. The course also features Bells over Coins (signified by a Money Bag in the corner) similar to how Hyrule Warriors had rupees.

Wild Woods and Super Bell Subway are really fun. I don’t have too much to say about either, but I love all the little details. As for Big Blue, I love all the water parts and the music is fantastic. I do wish it wasn’t a “one full loop” course though. I’ve never liked those and preferred my long 3 lap (or more) races over there being check points as you got further along. I wish they would stop doing that.

Anyway, I uploaded highlights of each course up on my Youtube channel so be sure to take a look if you’d like to see them in action :)