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Pokemon Rumble World Pokedex complete!

So I am very happy to say that I finally completed my Pokedex in Pokemon Rumble World! I was hoping for a special cutscene or something (afterall, the goal of the game was to get more toys as the King only had Pikachu), but there wasn’t anything sadly :(

I only have two challenges left now–Return of the Phantom Thief (which I really want to beat as it gives me the outfit I want) and World Championship X. I’m not sure if I will ever be good enough to beat them sadly and having already seen the credits and stuff for the King’s Challenges, it’s hard for me to even want to do them… but Princess outfit T___T

Regardless, I don’t plan to be done juuuust yet. I think I’ll go for all the gender/form differences next. You can keep up with my progress on the Pokemon Rumble World page :)

I don’t expect to go for all the titles though–while this probably covers most, I’m not sure I’ll ever do the “catch 50 of every Pokemon” ones for example.


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