More talk about Girls Mode 3 + Vote on my emblem!

There’s a lot of great things about Girl’s Mode 3. There’s so much more for you to do and you can even design clothes and make your own emblem! That’s awesome! And chances are, you may know by now that I greatly enjoy planning ahead. So, once I figured out the emblem size, I decided to make my very own emblem for the game. Unfortunately, I made one poor assumption–that we’d get to pick our palette. Afterall, the emblem designer is like Animal Crossing’s pattern maker, why wouldn’t we be able to pick our palette like the latest Animal Crossing game in the series?

It’s not necessarily a far-off assumption, but it was an assumption nonetheless and one that proved to be wrong. You’re stuck with 16 static palettes (which, a big thank you to Sosostris for the clear photos of them so I could play around with them. She’s been streaming the game on Twitch almost every day so if you’re dying for new info, check her out! And well, do so anyway because she’s awesome) which really stinks. It’s a design game so the lack of a free color range here is kind of frustrating. And when it comes to colors, it’s not my only frustration.

You thankfully can get a lot more colors for the actual designs as they go by the same colors you can earn in the game for hair and make-up.

As for the frustrations I mentioned, It’s disappointing to see with the addition of the Dollhouse rooms, you can no longer customize the room your character stays in. Even though nobody got to see it, I loved having a pink room and having this bright orange room now really stinks. The dollhouse rooms are great and I do enjoy them, but I wish they were a bit bigger… They just feel way too small. Similarly, shop exterior customization seems downgraded a bit (And I feel some of the combinations don’t match as well–I really hate the blue window for the Princess Exterior and the blue dress inside :( ). The interior customization is still pretty much the same, except now you can add some of the items you can also decorate the dollhouse rooms with (Up to 3). I wish you could change a bit more (like certain clothing items shown in the interior), but it’s still a nice touch to be able to do more in the interior besides general look and music. The exterior just downgrades so much with removing things you could do in Trendsetters (I was also really hoping I could pick my window separately from my walls in this game, but oh well) and the Display Window with your mannequin is especially downgraded as “props” are now just pedestals or boxes that you can put a Dollhouse item on… I liked having a full tea party look with sparkles and all this other cool stuff and it feels like you can barely do anything with it besides an outfit and two tiny props with a pre-set background and floor combo (which you could pick separately in Trendsetters).

I’m guessing the addition for all this new stuff meant some of the old stuff had to be changed up… I really hope maybe they could add these things back through DLC (which we’d hopefully get this time)–especially a custom design palette.

But yeah, I’ll stop here for now–I’d like to save most of my feelings on it for when I have the game myself and can properly review it. Going back to the main point of this post and the poll, I assumed incorrectly about how the emblem design would work and thus despite working super hard on this emblem:
I can’t even use it in those colors. :/ I knew the exact colors wouldn’t be there, but I figured I could pick close enough ones and it’d be very close. In fact, I even played around with it through all 16 color palettes and here’s what it’d look like if we could pick and choose:
Color 1: Palettes 2 & 5 | Color 2: Palettes 7 & 8
Color 3: All Palettes | Color 4: Palettes 7, 8, & 9
Color 5: Palettes 7, 8, & 9 | Color 6: Palettes 7, 8, & 9
Color 7: Palettes 7, 8, & 9 | Color 8: Palettes 7, 8, & 9
Color 9: Palette 13 | Color 10: Palette 3
Color 11: Palette 6 | Color 12: Palette 9
Color 13: Palette 6
And still three spare colors. It’s not exact, but it’s at least closer than what I’ve had to make instead.

So, now onto the poll showing the outcomes of having to try and use pre-set color palettes… obviously, if something changes before the game comes out here (still have my fingers crossed), I’ll use the one above, but it’s unlikely so help me decide which you think would be best!:

What Emblem Palette should I use?

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