The Show Floor: Nintendo & Amiibo

So, as we spent a lot of time in Nintendo’s booth (it was one of the biggest areas and most other booths did not actually have too much we wanted to wait in line for 2+ hours to try) and took tons of pictures including two videos so I figured this would be a good place to start. I will say that I was disappointed by one thing though… No Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer on the showfloor! I was looking forward to playing it so much and was heart broken to see it nowhere to be found. Regardless, enjoy these pictures of the showfloor of Nintendo’s Area along with other fun Nintendo things such as some cool stands and controllers by PDP! Due to the amount of pictures, please click the Read More to see them all!

We also ended up getting video of the Special Starfox area with the themed chairs:

And us playing Woolly World thanks to a nice Nintendo employee offering to record for us!:

We even got to play Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam while waiting in line and were some of the few people who found all 7 Toads apparently.

Now, Amiibo close-ups!:

They all look so great. I’m still going to stick to my favorites + all the AC cards, but there are so many I want.