Jenny LeClue & Slime Rancher

So, today I wanted to talk briefly about two Indie Games I am pretty excited for. If you look at the title, you can probably tell which they are :P But regardless, I will be mentioning them again anyway!

The first is Jenny LeClue where you play as the titular character. The game is a mystery-adventure game. I love detective games and am always excited to see ones that focus more on puzzles and exploration over games that use a very point & click or I-Spy kind of gameplay. I had a lot of fun playing the Playable demo and while I’m sad I missed the kickstarter, I made sure to at least place a preorder for the game. You can check the trailer out below!:

And here’s two of my favorite screenshots:

As for the second game, that is the recently shown off Slime Rancher. Slimes are always pretty awesome to me–besides looking so squishy and cute, they always have so many variations. And this game is showing that it will continue that trend:
I’m not even sure which I like more. Both are adorable.

The game has you essentially raising a Slime Ranch. You play as Beatrix LeBeau who’s job is essentially wrangling slimes with her vacpack. It looks pretty fun and definitely seems like they plan to have a lot to do and many different slime variations.

You can check out the trailer for it below:

And as a bonus, these slimes remind me a lot of an adoptable some friends of mine owned a long time ago–I’ve chosen two to show off below:

And the nostalgia just makes me all the more excited.