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June 12, 2017

E3 2017 Thoughts – Day 3 (PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, and Sony)

PC Gaming Show So, as I mentioned yesterday, I would be talking more about Ooblets today! I was so excited to see a new trailer that not only showed a bit more of the customization aspects (with a clothing store and getting your hair done), but also more areas and even two new Ooblets, Glanter […]

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June 13, 2016

E3 2016 Press Conferences Thoughts Summary~

While I normally do posts per day or even per press conference, I didn’t find myself having too much to say this year so I’m using this post for everything :) If I don’t list a press conference, I just didn’t have anything to say! I also want to just say while I know (and […]

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March 3, 2016

On Stardew Valley

As a reminder, these kind of posts are not a review, but a post just about how I’m feeling so far while playing and any thoughts about the game in general. I had been following this game on and off ever since a friend showed me Starbound ages ago. I was excited then as I […]

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October 19, 2015

Upcoming things – Amiibo Festival, Happy Home Designer, November, and more

As most people have probably noticed, I’ve unfortunately not had time to play Happy Home Designer recently. This is especially frustrating to me as I really wanted to get all the houses possible done :( And while I tend to be a bit quicker than a lot of people with designing houses, sometimes it’s really […]

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July 17, 2015

Jenny LeClue & Slime Rancher

So, today I wanted to talk briefly about two Indie Games I am pretty excited for. If you look at the title, you can probably tell which they are :P But regardless, I will be mentioning them again anyway! The first is Jenny LeClue where you play as the titular character. The game is a […]

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