Upcoming things – Amiibo Festival, Happy Home Designer, November, and more

As most people have probably noticed, I’ve unfortunately not had time to play Happy Home Designer recently. This is especially frustrating to me as I really wanted to get all the houses possible done :( And while I tend to be a bit quicker than a lot of people with designing houses, sometimes it’s really hard to be creative if you’re just not feeling 100%. The fact that I’m barely getting anything new at this point (which really makes me wish more and more that any items that villager unlocked would appear and just not have “new” on them unless they were new–this would also help with awkward translations) doesn’t help either because sometimes they ask for something really vague or I do not have the slightest clue what thy are talking about.

I’ve also gotten to a point where it’s a lot of repeat themes–“I want an office” “I want a store” “I want somewhere with food”. I still adore the game, but I’m sure there’s more to each of these and without knowing what they bring, it makes it very hard to keep making homes unique enough.

I am hoping to find time to play later this week–maybe even stream (I’ve been a bit nervous to stream again after the last time. We’re looking into getting my computer case switched and upgrading it to new parts which will help a lot. As always, stuff that will be used for streaming/youtube videos/this website can be found here so we may add some computer parts to that as well).

I had really wanted to be “finished” before Woolly World came out here (and all the more reason I wish we got it in the Summer like everywhere else…)–that way the only houses I’d still have to do are DLC and new special villager cards and I could focus mostly on that, but between generally not feeling too great and other crazy stuff (such as getting married in only about a month and a half now), time has been a hard thing to keep track of. I’m definitely hoping to play it a lot more later this week, but it’s a bit of a balancing act and while it’s the thing I want to play the most (I wish I could play right now, but my laptop just… hates streaming sadly and I don’t want to risk another awful recording :( ), I still have other stuff I have planned as well.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my youtube channel, you’ll notice two other games being played right now–Yoshi’s Woolly World and Undertale. Yoshi’s Woolly World is essentially a fun co-op game with my fiance. Unfortunately, while I can play 16+ hours of a game in one sitting and not be bored, he gets burnt out very quickly so when we do co-op adventures, the schedule is very much in his ballpark so if he’s finally up to playing, chances are I’ll play.

Our current plan is to only play/record the first stage of each. We made a slight exception for 1-S due to the fact that the recording cut off in the middle of it and we wanted to show the full stage (and just how bad my aim is). In general though, if we miss something we’ll go back to it off the recording.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Youtube has… suddenly hated some of my files which means I usually have to convert the Yoshi’s Woolly World recordings to AVIs or they look absolutely terrible. I’m not sure what causes the problem (I noticed I had the same issue with Star Citizen, yet I have had no issues with Splatoon, Undertale, or Happy Home Designer), but it’s… beyond frustrating. I wish I understood why it was happening, but I just do not have the slightest clue. The most I can get is Youtube having conversion issues, but with so many things I don’t have to bother using a conversion tool, that doesn’t fully answer the problem. These conversions also take quite a long time and my program’s editor is rather iffy. It’s just a bit of a mess and makes it so it takes a lot longer than it should. :(

As for Undertale, if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a Indie RPG that includes a pretty awesome mechanic: You don’t have to kill anyone. As someone who really dislikes having to kill in games, it’s really nice not having to. I’m pretty bad at the game, but despite how bad I am and even knowing what happens before I finished it, I still wanted to playthrough myself and I am playing again to fully record it. The music is also pretty awesome and there are cute dogs:

I don’t want to talk too much about it as to not accidentally spoil things, but I love all the characters a lot and highly recommend it. It’s also only $10 so if you can afford it, you definitely should pick it up! And has someone who tends to add feelings to everything, this game meshes pretty well with me (no matter how bad I am at it).

Moving onto upcoming games, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival will be out in less than a month now and due to the recent announcement of Series 2 cards being out in Europe the day Amiibo Festival comes out for them, it’s very likely we may see Series 2 on the 13th. This also means it’s pretty likely the promo cards that were included with the game (Goldie, Rosie, and Stitches) will be part of Series 2. I’m hoping to get two boxes again and as promised, I will do an unboxing for them (though, likely only the two and not any further ones).

When the Collector’s Album I preordered for Series 1 from the UK arrives, I’ll also record the complete Series 1 set + the promo Isabelle card. I hope I can preorder the Series 2 one as well. I also plan to get all the Amiibo figures. I currently have the special game bundle preordered from Amazon, K.K., Reese, and Cyrus preordered from Walmart (though, if Amazon puts them up I may cancel to get them all in one place… similarly, if Gamestop has another midnight release for something and I can grab 2 boxes of Series 2 from there, I may just pick up everything there). I still need to catch Lottie, Tom Nook, and Sable from somewhere (and I’m really annoyed Lottie has a different date for some reason), but I definitely want to catch them all.

I’ll be recording (or streaming) a game in each month (most likely with my fiance, but some may be by myself) and then possibly do videos for unlocks or things that we may earn–I don’t expect to do more than one recording per “month” (the course–not an actual month), but we will see.

The only other upcoming console game (well, there’s the Gravity Falls game and YOKAI Watch, but I don’t think I’ll be able to fit them in :( Shall hopefully get them eventually though. We’ll also be getting Fallout 4 and the new Tomb Raider, but the former is more for my fiance and the latter I just don’t think we’ll be recording) I am planning to get is Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. I still have mixed feelings on it, but I do love the Mystery Dungeon games and will most likely record my entire playthrough. I plan to either stick with the quiz or choose Piplup (one of my favorite starters overall) or Oshawott (who I used in the last Mystery Dungeon game) as Skitty and Audino are not options. Pikachu will probably be my partner.

Besides that, the Beta for Pokemon GO will apparently be out near the end of the year and I’m really crossing my fingers to be able to get into it. If I can, I’ll probably write updates here as it’s not exactly easy to record your phone while out and about. And even if I don’t get into the beta, there will still be plenty of entries once the game is officially out. (Someone make me a Mega Audino wrist-strap for the Pokemon GO accessory, please.)

After that, it’s mostly free until January. I’m still crossing my fingers for Style Savvy 3, but unless we get an announcement with no notice (which would honestly kind of suck), I don’t see us getting it until early next year at this point–months after Europe and possibly a year after Japan which is… awful. I’m not sure why there is such a delay on this game, but it’s incredibly disappointing. I’m so sick of seeing DLC that we never get or things taken out for no reason. I really love the series so I’ll be happy to see it if we do, but I’m genuinely worried we’re not going to…

But yes, in short:
-More Happy Home Designer coming soon.
-More Woolly World coming soon.
-More Undertale coming soon.
-Videos of Amiibo Festival will happen
-There will be a video series of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Also, for those who have been asking about more Tomodachi Life: I HAVE still been playing and earning things. I have lots of photos too–but I’m waiting until I’ve accomplished another “catalog” goal so to speak because I make an update on the game.

And I mentioned Dragomon Hunter briefly on Twitter as I got into the closed beta which I am pretty excited about. I may record a bit as I try it out, but I’m not going to promise any series unless I really like the game. As it is, the overpricedness of the Founder’s packs have me super down :( But I still really want to try the game so expect some video of it later this week.