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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – The first day!

So, Happy Home Designer officially came out today! Gamestop was doing a midnight launch for another game, but said they could do them for Animal Crossing as well, so I headed out with my mom and we bought the game (with the NFC reader for me), the New 3DS Bundle for her, and 2 boxes of Amiibo Cards! Before I unboxed the cards (as I honestly don’t plan to use them until I have most of the game complete), I wanted to go ahead and get started. You can find recordings of my playthrough of the game in this playlist!

But yes, as soon as I got home, I quickly loaded up the game and despite some issues with Twitch & XSplit, I did stream most of it. Now, let’s get onto game adventures…

So, despite Tom Nook completely forgetting who I was, I still received a very warm welcome at Nook’s Homes:

After introductions and Tom Nook taking his leave (to apparently go golfing. Wow.), Lottie gave me my uniform!:

It was then off to my very first job to get a hang of things. I had to decorate an interior to fit the theme of “a Room with a Lovely Atmosphere”:

I did my best! In the end, it turns out it was for Lottie:

Despite her being my first customer in that sense, I decided I’m not going to officially count her on the page until I go back and do her house properly through the Amiibo cards.

Once I had learned the ropes, we received our first actual customer–Goldie!

She wanted to be surrounded by books.

I think she liked it! And I even earned my first emotion–Joy.

The next day, Lottie gave me the Client list and asked me to go see Goldie again.

Goldie seemed to still be enjoying her house a lot and I even took a nice photo of us relaxing in front of the fireplace:

Next up, Lyle and Lottie were talking about a customer outside who Lyle ended up scaring off. They put me to the task and I ended up getting my second customer–Lopez! He wanted a Metropolitan Lifestyle. I had a lot of fun with his room, but I definitely want to change up the colors as soon as I unlock the ability to do so:

I also received my second emotion: Bashfulness.

I then finally got to start picking for myself who I’d like to do rooms for. For my first pick, I chose Tangy who, unsurprisingly, wanted a room with lots of fruit. I managed to fit every bowl in there and it’s super colorful:

And received my next emotion: Laughter

The next day, Tom Nook was there with Isabelle!

We’d have some bigger projects to do starting tomorrow.

In the meantime though, I decided to help Pekoe out with her request–an Exotic Resort:

And I received the emotion of Surprise!

It was then off to the next day and as promised, Isabelle was there to talk about building the town up–starting with a brand new school.

I had a lot of fun putting it together:

And unsurprisingly, I picked the pink one:

We even had a really nice ceremony for it:

Building a new school invited a new customer to Nook’s Homes…

…along with now letting us pick a location for the home and decorate the Exterior as well! I plan to go back to all of the previous villagers’ homes above to do this at some point and maybe even give them a bigger place as well. But yes, going back to that new customer… Carrie wanted a Garden for all her kids to play in.

And the exterior:

I also received the Curiousity emotion.

Lyle and Lottie then told me about the brand new Amiibo phone!

While I’m saving my cards for one of the later things I do in the game, I did at least scan my Villager Amiibo for this lovely furniture item:

I was then allowed to pick randomly from outside again and while not being a huge fan of the Kangaroos for the most part (Marcie is the only one I really like), Sylvia caught my attention with her theme of “a Place with a pool where kids can play”. I love fountains and waterfalls so anything that gets me more water-related items = must be done.

And I received the Sighing emotion.

With that, my first play session of Happy Home Designer was paused so I could take a break to unbox 2 boxes of the Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards :D And I really love how the title screen adds your character to it now:

But yes, as for the Amiibo cards, I actually did an Unboxing! You can find Part 1 and Part 2 of the unboxings on Youtube! But if you’d rather just read about it, here’s the summary. After 36 packs/216 Amiibo Cards (18 packs/108 cards per box), I managed to get all but 11–I am missing Digby (#9), Harriet (#11), Tiffany (#30), Patty (#38), Midge (#65), Clyde (#68), Cherry (#77), Truffles (#79), Annalisa (#83), Diana (#89), and Willow (#97). It’s definitely a pretty good go essentially, but I do wish I at least got all the special villagers and Diana as well. I won’t be opening more packs until series 2 so I just hope I can trade or buy them.

Edit: Any crossed out above are ones I’ve gotten since making this post!

As for doubles, you can find a list of all of them here!


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