Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Initial Thoughts

Now, while Amiibo Festival wasn’t Happy Home Designer levels of excitement for me, I still as looking forward to it quite a bit. So, when it arrived today I decided to play two months–I originally wanted to start with January and go through the year, but you are forced to start with the month you’re currently in so I did November and December (and well end with our monthly choices in October I guess). I found it kind of frustrating you couldn’t unlock the plaza until you played two board games as I was really looking forward to seeing some of the Minigames sooner too.

Minigame areas get unlocked from getting Happy Tickets which are unlocked from doing the board game. And while the board game is pretty nice and refreshing, I just… wish it had minigames. It kind of reminds me of Fortune Street crossed with Mario Party in a way (I find the happiness and bells is closing to stars and coins, even if your bells get traded in at the end rather than to a specific NPC for happiness versus trading them along the map).

I do think it’s a cute game in its own way though–I like how the events are worked in but, I do kind of wish they lasted more than one turn–each day being one turn does technically make sense, but when AC is technically a real time game, I’m not used to having one chance and one bad roll can miss it. I was super disappointed when we missed both birthday events in December for example.

And all the messages are pretty charming, but what it comes down to is a lot of luck and I feel like minigames would have helped with it–we had them in New Leaf, we have some outside the main mode… I don’t feel adding more minigames would have been too out there.

But I think what annoys me the most is the same thing as with the Amiibo in Mario Party 10–having to touch it every. single. turn. I also would really like to use a Villager and since an Amiibo is required to play, it kind of stinks that the Villager Amiibo can not be used to play as a Villager. Someone HAS to use one of the Amiibo even if everyone else can be a Villager, but this means if I choose to play by myself… I have to use an Amiibo. I do love the Animal Crossing Amiibo, but I wish there was a choice to be able to just use a Villager.

Similarly, it stinks that you’re forced to play with three Computer players if playing by yourself. You can just do two if it’s two players, but if it’s one player, they force you into a four player game and I just… do not understand why.

Overall though, I do still really love the game. I just wish I could play as a Villager and didn’t have to place the Amiibo every turn :( Looking forward to do the other maps too~
And on the bright side, you only need one Amiibo to play–everyone else can just be a Villager so you won’t have to buy more than one at least if you don’t want to.

I do wish Turnips were less of an overall win though–even with the luck factor, I feel unless you get crashing, the prices are pretty good. We had prices as high as 700+ when Jingle visited in December and in that map, one of the computer players actually earned over 100K and thus, got over 100 Happy Points at the end which won them the game. And that was… a bit disappointing honestly.