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Pokemon Sun & Moon officially announced!

So, I’m definitely hoping to get Moon personally at the moment :P It does seem likely that these will be Gen 7 though which I do still feel is a bit too soon, but I’m excited nonetheless.


But yeah. While I wish the Direct did talk more about the games themselves over the big 20th anniversary trailers (though, they were well done and I did enjoy them), the direct did bring us lots of cool concept shots:
This first one is mostly of a lot of interiors. The one being pointed to kind of reminds of a cafe/coffee shop though. These also lead right into the next concept we’re shown:
Pokemon Centers! I have to admit, I already really like the design.

Then we move onto a lot of car concepts:
Are we hitch-hiking? Do we get a car? Are we rich and have our own driver? Is it similar to the taxis in Lumiose? Regardless, we see a truck with Machoke, Furfrou, and Wobbuffet in the back while a trainer and driver are in the front. We also see a few different colors.
At the bottom, there is most likely a Firetruck with a Blastoise and an Ambulance. We also see part of a Wingull–possible cutscene being worked on?
Maybe Mew will even finally be under a truck. :P

We see more Interiors in the next shot too including one that still looks like it’s being mapped out. We also see outside with a truck parked and it almost reminds me of a motel. As for the image on the right… At first, I was thinking maybe it could be a fancy PokeMart, but when we got the close-up of it:
There is a girl with what looks very much like a suitcase and so it could actually be a fancy hotel. Or at least partially–a gym wouldn’t be that far out either. I wonder if the Hotel will be like the one in X/Y. With the Palm Trees though, I feel like this could be a tropical area and maybe we can finally have the Strange Souvenir addressed:

We also got a glimpse of some kind of new bird/flying Pokemon being worked on:


I wonder if it will end up being a starter? We will have to see. The game is currently scheduled for Holiday 2016 so hopefully we will hear more about it throughout the year :)

On things I’d like to see:
-Trainer customization come back, please
-Our own customized room (in the hotel maybe? Something. Maybe we live in the hotel?? That would be cool)
-Being able to play with Megas in Pokemon Amie (As I’m assuming that is just a staple now, but if not, whatever the similar version is in this game)

Things I expect to happen:
-More Day & Night exclusive things
-I’m guessing we’ll be getting new Megas. Cresselia, Solrock, Lunatone, Espeon, and Umbreon are the ones I’d most expect to get them if so.

As for non-new game stuff, the ports of the first generation of games will actually be compatible with Bank and that’s probably been the most tempted I’ve been to get them. That said, I still have my original games and it doesn’t really fix the fact that my originals are stuck there. I could maybe get a Surfing Pikachu again? But there is also the 20th Anniversary Pikachu available right now in Japan that has Surf and Fly and I wish it was available worldwide. I’ll probably still pass for now, but it’s definitely nice for those planning to get one (or more) of the versions.

Finally, if you missed the Direct, you can check it out here!:

The opening is pretty cute so :)


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